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The Impact of Physical Identity in Today’s Digital Era

We live in a world that continues its rapid growth towards mobile and digital formats for various everyday tasks. This growth has led to the creation of Digital IDs. But

A Panel Discussion on Campus Vending

The move by campuses toward cashless solutions and mobile credentials, the increase of specialty vending and the launch of micro markets have brought a new set of opportunities and demands

NACCU Interview with HID’s David O’Driscoll

Dive into the functionality and trends of cloud-based ID card issuance with John Ogle, NACCU Membership Experience and Education Director, and David O'Driscoll, Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives for HID.

A Panel Discussion on Campus Security and Access Control

Heightened crisis response, COVID-19, technology innovations, specialized facilities and the need for standards and unified systems have made campus security and access control a high priority for colleges and universities

Data Analytics: Data-Backed Decisions

We will demonstrate the power of using data pulled from the student information system, payment system and card system to make informed decisions. Decisions include staffing changes, project prioritization, and

Come to the Table: Meal Plan Administration

Does your office manage the administration of your school’s meal plan programs? Are you interested in how others are doing it at their institutions?  Join us for a presentation on

NACCU Interview with CBORD CEO Dan Park

Dawn Thomas, NACCU CEO, interviews Dan Park, CEO and President of CBORD Horizon. Listen as they discuss Dan's path to CBORD, how CBORD is helping to tackle some of the

A Panel Discussion on Mobile Credentials

This panel will share the challenges they each overcame as they launched a mobile credential on their campuses. This is an opportunity to hear first-hand about their experiences as you

Create a 5 Star Experience with Transact IDX™

Join Kent Pawlak from Transact to learn about the current and future features of Transact IDX™. Transact continues a strong legacy of innovation in delivering its fifth-generation identity-based transaction system.

NACCU Interview with TouchNet

Dawn Thomas, NACCU CEO, interviews Fred Emery, Senior Business Development Manager with TouchNet. They discuss the many benefits to an open architecture ID management system to allow each campus to

HID Fargo Connect in Action: Real User Insights Presented by ColorID

ColorID is excited to have you on board for an enlightening NACCU showcase session where we delve into the world of HID Fargo Connect. Discover how numerous schools are leveraging

Autonomous Markets in a Campus Setting

Learn how two universities launched autonomous 'cashierless' technology on campus, including deploying the new technology, integrating it with existing systems and processes, and opening it to the students and employees.

NACCU Interview with Transact

John Ogle, NACCU Membership Experience and Education Director, interviews Rasheed Behrooznia, Senior Vice-President and General Manager of Campus ID Solutions with Transact, as they discuss how Transact has grown and

SAIT Card Office Overview

Enjoy a card office overview from SAIT with Karen Smith.

Clemson Enterprise Access Control and Video

Take a look inside how Clemson University manages their access control and video.

NACCU Interview with HID

John Ogle, NACCU Membership Experience and Education Director, interviews Tim Nyblom, Director of End User Business Development with HID, as they discuss the many ways mobile credentials are being used

Building Merchant Relationships in the Age of Online Ordering

Strategies for building strong and profitable merchant relationships in an age of ever-increasing online ordering. With the rapid growth of online ordering over the last few years it may seem

Software to Keep You Sane

Learn how to leverage tools that allow us to work efficiently and collaboratively.  Jen will demonstrate how you can use Microsoft OneNote and cloud-based file management to stay organized, save time,

When Should a Campus Consider Contracting ID Card Printing and Issuance

Every semester when students return to their campus, the demand on the ID card office peaks. Even though many manage this internally, considering an external issuance partner can be your

Campus Parking

We discuss our parking software, permit distribution both virtual and physical, and our enforcement policies and procedures. We discuss ways in which our campus parking has had to pivot since

De-mystifying Campus Parcel Management with Luxer One Lockers

Join Transact Sr. Director of Sales and Strategic Alliances Matthew Butts for an overview of Luxer One Smart Lockers and learn how their products integrate seamlessly with your campus.

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology Card Office Overview

Enjoy a card office overview from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Unlocking the Potential of Mobile Credentials in Higher Education with HID

Join HID as they explore the evolving landscape of mobile credentials on the higher education campus. You’ll discover why mobile credentials have become a focal point in many conversations amongst

NACCU Interview for TouchNet

Dawn Thomas, NACCU CEO, interviews Jennifer McNeill, ONEcard Manager with the University of Alberta. They discuss the importance of the card program, the power of the data in our hands,

Texas A&M Kingville Card Office Overview

Enjoy a card office overview from Texas A&M University Kingsville

Ready Set Return – This School Year is Up to You – With Entrust

As students and faculty Return to campus, we want to adequately arm you with best practices to ensure you are Set to work with equipment and systems to issue credentials,

Is a Leadership Change the Time to Look at the Future of Your Card Office?

Is a Leadership change of your Card Office the chance to take a hard look at what your office is doing and if it should still be doing it? This

The Road to Becoming a High Performing Card Office

The NACCU Standards and Guidelines (SAGs) program provides a roadmap toward becoming a High Performing Card Office based on our industry’s professional standards. The SAGs self-evaluation program results can be

NACCU Interview with CBORD

Dawn Thomas, NACCU CEO, interviews Lorena Harris, VP of Marketing at CBORD. Listen as they discuss the recently-launched CBORD Insights research program, and some of the initial findings about what

Virtual EXPO Showcase: Mobile for All with ColorID

ColorID will present real solutions for rolling out mobile credentials today at prices you can manage. You completed your card and reader migration, so let’s discuss how it is possible

NACCU Interview with WaveLynx

Dawn Thomas, NACCU CEO, interviews Robert Lydic, President at WaveLynx. In this interview, they discuss the WaveLynx ecosystem, how mobile access utilizing NFC Wallet technology can make a huge difference

Card Office Layouts

Join us for a discussion on campus card office layouts provided by the College of Staten Island, the University of Southern California and Babson College.  We will provide an overview of

Adding Transit Services to ID Cards

The University of Minnesota has successfully integrated a transit pass into its campus card, bringing to fruition years of preparation and planning. Minnesota students who pay the Transportation and Safety

Ontario Tech Card Office Overview

Enjoy a card office overview from Ontario Tech!

The Move to Mobile – A Small Campus Perspective

Learn about the path that Swarthmore College took to implement mobile credentials within 6 years of the inception of their OneCard program with presenter Anthony Condo.

NACCU Interview with Allegion

John Ogle, NACCU Membership Engagement Manager, interviews Jeff Koziol, Higher Education Security Specialist with Allegion in this interview, as they discuss Allegion's role in the mobile credential initiative, the benefits

Effective Leadership through Biology

Studies show that when certain chemicals are released through the body's natural biological processes, an employee's positive attitude toward work, productivity, and efficiency increase. We will explore what leadership behaviors

Virtual EXPO Showcase: Increasing Revenues, Retention, and More with your Mobile Credential with Payd

In this session, you'll learn how Payd has made your credential to do so much more! Payd is dedicated to improving the student experience on campuses across the globe -

NACCU Interview with CBORD

John Ogle, NACCU Membership Experience and Education Director, interviews Jon Lawrence, Vice-President, Product Strategy with CBORD. They discuss the factors influencing the shift of the mobile credential from a benefit

Looking Up to the Cloud

With many older software systems nearing end of life, we’ve reached an inflection point: should we keep certain applications hosted and maintained in house, or has the time come to

NACCU Interview with University of Wisconsin – Whitewater

John Ogle, NACCU Member Experience and Education Director, interviews Dave Halbach, Assistant Director, University Center with University of Wisconsin - Whitewater, as they discuss changes in roles and responsibilities, and

TED Talk: Negotiating for Yourself

Asking for a raise or compensation in the workplace can be awkward and uncomfortable but if you are well prepared the process will be more bearable and you may be

NACCU Interview with HID

HID   John Ogle, NACCU Membership Experience and Education Director, interviews Tim Nyblom, Director - End User Business Development, Higher Education with HID. They discuss a new HID team member

Logging and Auditing your Card Production Equipment

Learn about Ohio State's approach to capturing, logging, and providing useful audit data for card production activity done in InstantID, using features found in the software, along with the customization

NACCU Interview with TouchNet

Dawn Thomas, NACCU CEO, interviews Ryan Audus, Vice President of Product Strategy with TouchNet, as they discuss TouchNet's OneCard program and how it supports campus plans to go mobile and

Realize a Hybrid Connected Campus with Secure Card Issuance

While on-campus learning and events have returned, the hybrid classroom and workforce are part of our new normal. Your secure connected campus starts with trusted identities for students, staff, and

Managing Student Staff

Working with students is why most of us enjoy what we do. How do we make certain they leave us with skills they can transfer to any work environment? We'll

NACCU Interview with Georgia Southern University

Jörrun Liston, NACCU Member Experience and Education Director, interviews Richard Wynn, Director of the Eagle Card Program with Georgia Southern University, as they discuss Georgia Southern's implementation of mobile credentials,

NACCU Interview with UNLV

Jörrun Liston, NACCU Member Experience and Education Director, interviews Christina Mowsakowski, RebelCard Senior Program Manager with the University of Nevada Las Vegas, as they discuss a summer project to preprint

TED Talk: Balancing your Work and Personal Lives

What does a manageable work and personal life balance look like? Meghan Rosenberg from Babson College led us as we watched a short TED Talk on work and home life