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NACCU Interview with ColorID

John Ogle, NACCU Member Engagement Manager, interviews Mark Degan, Director - Corporate Marketing, as they discuss how our industry has been affected by supply shortages, and what's new at ColorID.

NACCU Interview with TouchNet

John Ogle, NACCU Member Engagement Manager, interviews Dave Falldien, Manager of Sales Engineering with TouchNet, as they discuss the biggest opportunities and obstacles for card program advancement, the future of the plastic card and mobile credentials, the acceleration of the move to cloud services, and more.

NACCU Interview with CBORD

Dawn Thomas, NACCU CEO, interviews Jim Hoefflin, President and CEO for The CBORD Group in this interview, as they discuss the importance of facing the challenges of automation, optimization, and ROI when assessing your systems and solutions.

NACCU Interview with MyPhoto

Dawn Thomas, NACCU CEO, interviews AJ Jacubenta, President and CEO for MyPhoto in this interview, as they discuss the exciting new features and functionality in MyPhoto5!

NACCU Interview with Allegion

John Ogle, NACCU Membership Engagement Manager, interviews Jeff Koziol, Business Development Manager - PACS Partners with Allegion in this interview, as they discuss interoperability pertaining to ID card technology. Will the system you are building now grow with you into the future?

NACCU Interview with HID Global

Dawn Thomas, NACCU CEO, interviews Tim Nyblom, End User Business Manager – Higher Education with HID Global in this interview, as they discuss how schools are migrating to new credential technologies (mobile and plastic) that streamline and automate processes.

NACCU 2022 Awards Ceremony

Join us as we announce and recognize the recipients of our NACCU 2022 Awards!

Humber’s ONECard Journey

Thinking of implementing a digital wallet/key/identification solution? Humber successfully implemented ONECard last fall and will be adding additional functionality this year. At this session, Ryan will detail Humber’s journey thus far as well as its future release plans. Ryan will also speak to how the team transformed the campus experience and what steps Humber is taking to drive adoption. Remember: Hope is not a strategy, and nothing big comes from thinking small.

TED Talk: Multipotentiality – Many Interests Can Be Beneficial

Have you ever wondered why some people know exactly what they want to do their entire lives while others seem to be on a continual search for fulfillment? What happens when you are a person with so many interests that you can’t pick one? Join this conversation to learn how being versed in many different areas can be a benefit to society, your life, and your career.

Reshaping the Campus Credential with Mobile

Watch to learn about the latest HID Global updates around the mobile conversation. How does mobile transform your campus? How does a mobile credential enhance the overall student experience? How does mobile provide greater operational efficiency? What mobile considerations should your campus be thinking about? Where is this mobile market heading? What comes next?

Volunteer with NACCU!

Every year nearly 80 members volunteer to serve on NACCU Committees. Whether your interest is with member engagement, professional development, volunteer development, technology research, or serving as a NACCU Ambassador, we have a place for you to volunteer! Join us for this brief webinar and learn about the various committee volunteer opportunities available for NACCU members! We would love to have you join us in serving our community!

Taking the Mystery out of InstantID

Are you looking to upgrade from ID Works to Instant ID? Have you purchased it but are still waiting to implement? Or have you already gone through the transition at your school? If so, please watch this webinar as the experts from Entrust will walk through what you can do with Instant ID and how to get the most of your deployment. They’ cover what the differences are between ID Works and Instant ID, what to expect with Instant ID, including key tips & tricks with the migration, and the resources available to you in the card office.  

NACCU Virtual EXPO Showcase: ColorID

We are excited to share ColorID’s CloudSuite solutions for identification management, secure issuance, photo upload, and visitor management. These products are purpose-built and offer a range of specific features beyond what many campuses have available to them today. This presentation will show our customers how to maximize their card office efficiency and streamline the production and management of credentials (both physical & digital). Learn how you can achieve “vendor independence” and how to take advantage of some amazing limited-time promotions!

TED Talk: What Opportunities Did You Seize During the Pandemic?

I learned and embraced several concepts very early in my career and they have served me well during this pandemic. The first is, the only thing that is constant is change and the second, never waste a good crisis. If you recognize these sayings, or variations of them, I think you know where I am coming from. When the pandemic came, I will be honest and say I did not have a “shovel ready” plan to propose but we had a strong foundation from which to leverage our resources and seize several opportunities. In order for your institution to survive, possibly even thrive during the last 2+ years, what changes have you seized?

Integrated Security Solutions Built for HIgher Education

The physical security of a campus is often top of mind for card and credential professionals. Access points and privileges must be tracked and controlled to ensure the safety of your campus and surrounding community. CBORD integrated security solutions were built specifically for higher education by professionals working in and around college and university campuses. We partner with top security providers from around the globe to bring you a comprehensive, integrated solution that meets your unique needs.

TED Talk: Learning to Pause

Have you ever felt you were spinning on a merry-go-round that never stops? Do projects, meetings, obligations continue to pile up, no matter how much you accomplish? Let some of the paint dry and learn the benefits of hitting pause. Join this conversation to learn and share ways to refresh and restore more balance into your life.

Card Production – In person? Online? Hybrid?

Members of the Professional Development Committee closed their recent meeting with a robust discussion about how each campus was handling card production. The views and processes were diverse and it was quickly decided this conversation should be moved to the NACCU membership.

Off-Campus Partnerships

Join Josh, Courtney, and Jen for a group discussion and exploration of off-campus partnerships. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and share their experiences, as well as learn from those with established off-campus programs.

TED Talk: Achieve your Goals!

Whether it’s professional or personal, the start of a new calendar year often serves as a great opportunity to set goals for yourself. Join us as we watch this TED Talk speaker share some ideas for what to do, and what NOT to do, in order to achieve those goals. Then we’ll discuss how we can apply those tactics to our professional and personal lives.

Leading in a Hybrid Environment

With the change in work dynamics brought about by the pandemic the desire for employees to work a portion of their week from home has been a topic of discussion. We will discuss strategies for successfully managing a workforce that is working in this new hybrid environment.

TED Talk: Leadership needs introverts and extroverts too

Are you an introvert trying to find your way in this world? Are you an extrovert who may not understand the introvert on your team? We’ll watch a short TED talk on the subject and then have a conversation about why teams need introverts and how you can contribute to your team, no matter whether you are an introvert or an extrovert.

TED Talk: Customer Service – little things do matter

Are the little things we do worth it? YES! If a butterfly flaps its wings in the ID card office, does it really create a hurricane on commencement day? Most likely not, but the little things do matter! Let’s explore the results of customer service on our guests and on ourselves. It has huge impact, creates partners, and best of all…. It’s free! We’ll watch a short TED talk on the subject and then have a conversation about what truly impactful customer service means.

Leveraging Technology for Vaccine Compliance at Suffolk University

As the pandemic has shown, change is constant and often unexpected. To be successful individuals need to successfully manage change. We’ll discuss strategies to become comfortable during periods of change, ways to find opportunities in times of change and effective ways to manage change.

TED Talk: Communicating your Value

"I don't want to toot my own horn, but..." "I just run the card office" Have you heard yourself say these things? Do your language and style communicate your value? It's not just money, it's also your confidence and self-respect. We'll listen to how to clearly define and communicate your value.

TED Talk: Stressed Out – ways to remain calm

Busy times in the ID office is often stressful. We are all pulled in many directions, problems arise, and solutions are created in the moment. Wouldn’t it be great to plan and even predict issues in order to stay calm and focused to produce the best outcomes: A GREAT STUDENT EXPERIENCE!

Navigating through Change

As the pandemic has shown, change is constant and often unexpected. To be successful individuals need to successfully manage change. We’ll discuss strategies to become comfortable during periods of change, ways to find opportunities in times of change and effective ways to manage change.

Leading with Quality Service

New to the institution and faced with a poor reputation for customer service the EmoryCard Team and I embarked on a journey of service enhancement - including a training visit to the 'Happiest Place on Earth' to learn how to lead with quality service. With content adapted from that training, you will find that it is possible to achieve exceptional service! Take a 'ride' with me to identify touch points, design service, identify your purpose and quality standards, and understand your customers.

The NACCU New Employee Onboarding Guide

Learn about the NACCU Professional Development Team's New Employee Onboarding Guide! We are excited to present a new, easy to use template that can help you build a manual, train new employees, or map out your program.

How to Create an Inclusive Card Office

We'll review all of the considerations that the Georgian College ONEcard Office has undergone in striving to create a welcoming and inclusive environment and promote inclusivity at Georgian. This will include: use of preferred names, wheelchair accessibility, student representation, service animal IDs, AODA compliance, and mindful language.

From the Electric Closet to the Current of the University

The CINO Card office at Coastal Carolina University started in a literal electrical closet and now is critical system within the structure of the university. The goal, within our division, is to get the card system so integrated with in the university that the physical card office itself is no longer needed.

The Role of Post-Secondary Institutions in Social Impact Purchasing

Social Procurement is an innovative approach to post-pandemic recovery, creating community resiliency and supporting positive institutional messaging for student recruitment. This session will introduce participants to how Georgian College, an Ashoka Changemaker Campus, has partnered with Ashoka Canada on an approach to shifting purchasing mindsets and supporting purchasing agents in developing a social procurement strategy within their institution.

Our Service Enhancement Journey

During the 2018-2019 academic year, the EmoryCard Team embarked upon a journey to research and adopt a variety of service enhancements to bring quality service to our customers. With a focus on Customer Service, Infrastructure Development and Communications & Outreach, EmoryCard now offers a wide variety of services and enhancements that make the campus card experience so much more than a necessity.

NACCU Virtual EXPO Showcase: HID Global Physical Security in University Healthcare Facilities

University healthcare and research facilities are known for innovative programs and technology. Physical security should be no exception. It is paramount to enact a strong defense against outside threats, safeguard different facilities and sensitive areas with highly varied needs, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and improve overall staff and patient health and safety.

NACCU Virtual EXPO Showcase: Atrium – Investing in Mobile

Mobile credentials provide a seamless, secure and safe experience! But not all readers and locks work with all mobile credentials. There are things to know and do to invest wisely and avoid a proprietary vendor marriage that locks you into years of high costs and inflexibility. Come learn how Atrium and our best-in-breed partners are providing clients like you with an open interoperable mobile credential.

NACCU Virtual EXPO Showcase: HID Global Mobile Readiness

Educational campuses require strong physical access control strategies that enable touchless solutions and support a better user experience. From mobile-enabled readers to secure Mobile IDs and the cloud-based management portal, HID Mobile Access® offers the most complete solution available enabling universities and colleges to adapt to today’s complex security challenges.

New Student Orientation

What will orientation look like on your campus this year? Still online? In-person? Hybrid? Learn how these campuses are offering orientations and the role the campus card program is playing in welcoming new students to campus. You’ll likely pick up some ideas or have some of your own to share with the group.

NACCU Virtual EXPO Showcase: Infor

Did you know that Infor can bring more than just point of sale and self-service kiosks to your campus? Join us to find out how you can boost sales with Mobile Ordering, streamline your campus events with our Sales and Catering software, and compare data from your many systems with our Enterprise Analytics software.

NACCU Virtual EXPO Showcase: HID FARGO Connect

In this session we will share how the HID FARGO Connect cloud-based card personalization system in partnership with leading campus card solutions are leveling up the card issuance process to safely improve the day one experience for new and incoming students.

NACCU Virtual EXPO Showcase: Transact – Mobile Credential Driven Experiences

Aligning your institution's long-term vision for mobile credentials, many look to provide students with a first-class user experience supported on Apple or Android devices. Learn how to bring the student mobile ID to reality!

NACCU and CAS: Stronger Together

In this session, we’ll discuss how NACCU benefits from being part of CAS and how CAS can help strengthen our Standards and Self-Assessment Guidelines (SAGs) program. We’ll also touch on the development of a CAS standard for Campus Card programs in the future.

NACCU Virtual EXPO Showcase: Qless – Return to Campus Safely

Join Kelly Kliner from Qless as she discusses how higher education institutions can leverage remote queuing and appointment scheduling software to ensure a safe return to campus.
Traka Americas

NACCU Virtual EXPO Showcase: Traka Americas – Key and Asset Management

Participants will gain confidence in planning and executing a successful key management strategy that optimizes both convenience and security to protect employees, students, and your financial position, regardless of institution or campus size.

The Value of Student Employment

Learn some of the benefits of student employment at Georgian College including gaining valuable work experience, understanding the student perspective, and assisting with maintaining a student-based focus. April will also review the benefits of using student feedback to evaluate your products and services.

NACCU Virtual EXPO Showcase: IdentiSys

IdentiSys is uniquely positioned to help institutions to safely return to campus and embrace digital mobile-first students with Entrust Adaptive Instant ID and the SIGMA Series Card Printers.

Some Good News NACCU Style

NACCU members share their good news from over the past year. 2020 wasn't easy, but some great things came from it!

2020-2021 SAGs Cohort Honored for Completing Course

NACCU recognizes our 2020-2021 SAGs cohort.

Ken Boyer Honored with NACCU J. Paul Melanson Award

Ken Boyer has been honored with the NACCU J. Paul Melanson Award

NACCU 2021 Awards: Outstanding Volunteer Award

The NACCU 2021 Outstanding Volunteer Award has been presented to Laurie Harris from Duke University.

NACCU 2021 Awards: Innovative Technology Award

Congratulations to Georgian College, recipients of the 2021 NACCU Innovative Technology Award!

NACCU 2021 Awards: New Professional Award

NACCU is proud to recognize Jennifer McDonald from Georgian College as our 2021 recipient of the NACCU New Professional Award.