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HID Global Location Services

NACCU Virtual EXPO Showcase: QLess – Virtualize Student Engagement

Join HID Global presenters Tim Nyblom, End User Business Manager Higher Education and Taylor Breihan, New Business Development Manager, for a look at how HID Location Services enables a safer campus environment. You’ll come away with an understanding of how technology prepares colleges and universities to respond quickly, ensure the basics of safe classroom and work environment, proactively implement health protections and minimize disruptions.

LEAF: Be in Control of your 21st Century Credentials

In a perfect world, your campus credential should seamlessly and securely read on your door access readers, locks, logical access readers, and, quite frankly, any product regardless of manufacturer. LEAF Identity is a consortium of like-minded manufacturers that empower campuses to select products that work seamlessly together. The University of Georgia has adopted LEAF Identity as its standard for Ev2 Smart Credential. WaveLynx and UGA will explain LEAF's value proposition in detail and why owning your encryption keys is valuable. Learn how LEAF Smart Credentials empower choice when selecting open Campus Credential ecosystems.
HID Global Location Services

NACCU Virtual EXPO Showcase: HID Global Location Services

Join HID Global presenters Tim Nyblom, End User Business Manager Higher Education and Taylor Breihan, New Business Development Manager, for a look at how HID Location Services enables a safer campus environment. You’ll come away with an understanding of how technology prepares colleges and universities to respond quickly, ensure the basics of safe classroom and work environment, proactively implement health protections and minimize disruptions.
Flexible Dining and Campus Card Solutions

NACCU Virtual EXPO Showcase: Grubhub

This high impact session highlights the innovative ways colleges and universities are using Grubhub Campus Technology to support their evolving dining and campus card programs. Learn what trends are happening throughout a variety of industries and markets with a focus on the point-of-purchase, in-store operator experience, and point-of-pickup (or delivery). Hear the challenges, solutions, successes, and failures from an operator, administrator, and campus card perspective.
Student Perspectives Today and Tomorrow

Student Perspectives Today and Tomorrow

Serving students and meeting their expectations is a critical priority for every higher ed institution. Join this session with Nelnet Campus Commerce to hear from a panel of college students on what they expect from their campus experience during these unique times, and understand if those expectations are just temporary or permanent. Students will share how they feel supported, what is working and what is not, as well as provide insights into how they are using campus facilities and services today and tomorrow.
Allegion key distribution

NACCU Virtual EXPO Showcase: Allegion on Key Distribution Solutions

Over the last two years, we’ve heard great things that are going on in the Campus ID field about the availability of a long-term, sustainable mobile credential solution for students, faculty and staff leveraging their iOS (Apple) or Android devices. But what about keys? Most students on many campuses still need keys for access to their on-campus residence. Most faculty members still need keys for access their classroom(s) and office. This session will present a variety of Schlage solutions from Allegion, a long-standard NACCU partner, that will help you eliminate key distribution on your campus, elevate the level of security on your campuses, all while working with the systems that you have in place.

NACCU Virtual EXPO Showcase: HID Global Touchless Credentials

Touchless access control is critical for a safe return to campus and reduces human contact in a way that directly addresses student, parent, staff and faculty concerns. Leading-edge credential technology provides highly advanced encryption and a software-based infrastructure for secure, trusted identities on any form factor and enables touchless applications, including Mobile Access, secure printing, and cashless and contactless vending.

Raising the Bar – Key Management, Access Control, and Reader Technologies

How much have you spent on lost keys or access readers? How much time have you spent filing paperwork and investigating missing or damaged assets? Are your current practices leveraging the latest technologies to ensure optimal security and accountability? This discussion is an integrated twist on how colleges traditionally look at safety and security solutions for campus facilities, grounds, and assets.

NACCU Virtual EXPO Showcase: Agilysys Contactless Dining & POS

Redefine The Student Dining Experience For Campus Health & Safety Agilysys offers software solutions that gives students the option to order and pay from the platform of their choice and allow operators to maintain menus, pricing, tax rules and kitchen operations out of a single integrated point-of-sale solution – Agilysys InfoGenesis POS. 2020 has been a year of significant advancements in POS at Agilysys.

Card Office Tours – with NACCU Board Members

Let's go on virtual tours with a few NACCU Board members! Featuring these campuses: Georgia Southern University Liberty University University of Alberta Virginia State University

NACCU Virtual EXPO Showcase: iQueue from Cobalt Fire Software

Capacity and Queue Management in the time of COVID-19 How will you manage when students return to campus? iQueue Line Manager allows students to sign in remotely from any web browser or mobile device, make appointments with your office/staff, and specify reason(s) for their visit in advance. You can track and manage your data, and communicate status and support options for service. Minimize crowds and boost operational efficiencies with iQueue!
HID Signo Readers

NACCU Virtual EXPO Showcase: HID Global Signo Readers

HID Signo Readers: Versatile Access Control for a Changing On-Campus Environment Join Michael Chesher and Dave Sherrets for a presentation, demonstration and Q&A session covering HID Signo Readers, HID Reader Manager and how the solution reduces risk for students, faculty and staff for a safer and more secure campus.
from zero to online photo submission

From Zero to Online Photo Submission: Best practices when you have to implement quickly

Deb Nightingale from Liberty University and Richard Wynn from Georgia Southern University cover best practices for a quick implementation of online photo submission.
Flexible Food Service and Campus Card Solutions

Flexible Food Service and Campus Card Solutions

Three innovative ways campus auxiliaries are using Grubhub Campus Technology to support their evolving dining and campus card programs.
Capacity Management: Leverage Transact Mobile Technology to Support Social Distancing on Campus

NACCU Virtual EXPO Showcase: Transact on Capacity Management

Watch to learn how your peers are using Transact Capacity Management and Reservations to manage social distancing requirements. Clients have found myriad use cases for this new capability and we'll highlight a few.
Creative Things you didn't know you could do with the credential

Creative Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with the Credential

It’s time to think outside the box! Join representatives from several schools as they share innovative and creative ways they used the credential to make life better on their campuses.
A New Era in Campus Safety: Innovating to Meet Tomorrow's Landscape

A New Era in Campus Safety: Innovating to Meet Tomorrow’s Landscape

Colleges and universities have entered a new era. As schools continue to prepare for the future - including student and staff health, safety and security - the ability to quickly pivot is mandatory. How can campuses address the range of threats that could disrupt ongoing service delivery, now and in the future? Join Tim Nyblom and Taylor Breihan for best practices in how to plan, respond and deliver.
Georgian College ID Digital Transformations

Card Office Digital Transformations

Card Office Digital Transformations Jen McDonald outlines some of Georgian College’s recent digital transformations and the steps it took to achieve them. These include a semi-integration with city transit, digital government ID submission, and launch of the Touchnet OneCard VIP app.
eXpress badging virtual EXPO showcase

NACCU Virtual EXPO Showcase: eXpress badging

Eliminate the Frustrations of Desktop Photo ID Management Software! Are you tired of the ongoing management issues and restrictions required by desktop software licenses? We will show you how campuses are using their browser to manage data, securely acquire photos via email, and print to their favorite ID card printer from any computer or mobile device.
Mobile Ordering

Mobile Ordering

In this season of COVID-19, mobile ordering on campus is increasing as a necessary option to provide continual service to students and maintain safe protocols on campus. Watch to learn from two members that have added mobile ordering to their campus services and learn helpful tips to ensure a successful experience for all.
What I learned at a Women's Leadership Institute

What I Learned at a Women’s Leadership Institute

NACCU President, Melissa Neidigh from University of Montana, shares her experience participating in the Women’s Leadership Initiative on her campus.
The Journey to JRNY with ColorID

NACCU Exclusive Interview: The Journey to JRNY with ColorID

The Journey to JRNY In this exclusive interview, Executive Director Dawn Thomas talks to Co-Owner and Executive VP of ColorID Danny Smith regarding the launch of JRNY, a cloud and mobile app-based identity platform specifically configured to function as a comprehensive COVID-19 campus management solution today and the foundation for tomorrow's modernized and connected campus.

NACCU Virtual EXPO Showcase: Atrium by JSA Technologies

Virtual EXPO Showcase: Atrium by JSA Technologies Reimagining One Card for the Mobile Generation in a Socially Distanced Environment: Watch to learn how Atrium and their partners are helping clients like you reimagine their One Card programs for the mobile GenZ generation and deal with COVID-19 through contactless and social distancing solutions, all while reducing costs and administrative burden.
higher education market insights for NACCU Corporate Members

Higher Education Market Insights for NACCU Corporate Members

This panel discussion features several campus ID professionals providing insight on the issues currently facing their programs and campuses and how NACCU corporate members can best partner with colleges and universities over the next few years. Whether your company is a longtime NACCU member or brand new to the association, you will gain valuable information to help you set your business up for success within the higher education market.
Data Decisions and the Card Office

High Impact Training, NACCU Style: Data, Decisions, and the Card Office

High-Impact Training, NACCU Style: Data, Decisions, and the Card Office Three speakers take on different aspects of the importance of the data we manage and how it can be leveraged to improve processes and service in short, visually-impactful presentations.
CBORD campus of the future

NACCU Virtual EXPO Showcase: CBORD

Virtual EXPO Showcase: CBORD The Campus of the Future: Safe, Connected, Modern What investments are you making to shape the future of your campus experience? How has COVID-19 affected your daily tasks and strategic plans in the near and long term? Smarter technology solutions can streamline your operations and improve your bottom line while also defining the value of the educational experience you offer.

Valuable Lessons Learned During Clemson’s Journey to the Apple Wallet

Clemson University had the unique opportunity to be one of the first schools to work with Apple, CBORD and HID to move our TigerOne card into the Apple Wallet. Watch and share the journey on introducing a mobile ID for students, faculty and staff.

candID conversation – August 25, 2020

How are things going as you navigate card distribution, access control, dining services, and COVID-19 precautions and testing for your incoming students? NACCU peers come together for candID, an open dialogue where you can ask questions, share successes, and bounce ideas off others facing similar challenges.
online photo submission processes

Roundtable Discussion: Online Photo Submission Processes

Looking to increase or refine photo upload processes and student participation rates? Are you needing to make adjustments for this fall? Learn what processes are working best for several schools who have already implemented online photo submission. Discover how these schools have increased uptake rates and implemented incentives for students to complete the process before arriving on campus.
candID conversation

candID conversation – August 11, 2020

What's on your mind? Do you need to bounce an idea off those who really understand your job? Are you wondering how others are navigating a challenge you're facing? Or, did you just rock a challenge and want to share with others? This is an opportunity for all of us to chat, share and support one another.
naccu noda

Perspectives from NODA and NACCU: Delivering Orientation and Campus Card Services during COVID-19

This roundtable discussion, a collaborative effort of NODA (Association for Orientation, Transition, and Retention in Higher Education) and NACCU, will cover the key lessons learned as we prepare to welcome students to campus.
online photo submission processes

Digital Queues and Appointment Solutions

Are you trying to queue lines, control walk-ins, schedule appointments and manage customers while striving to maintain the health and safety of everyone? Learn what colleagues are using and how they’ve implemented different solutions. Please join in this round table discussion.

Preparing for Campus Re-opening?

How can our card offices maintain customer service standards while still adhering to preventative COVID practices for social distancing, masks, plastic barriers and continuous cleaning? As many of our institutions move towards re-opening our campuses, join us for an open discussion as we strategize together for solutions to various move-in day scenarios.

NACCU Virtual EXPO Showcase: LenelS2

Learn how the LenelS2 security portfolio can secure your campus while increasing operational efficiencies through open platforms and integrations.

Implementing TruCredential

This presentation will focus on URI’s journey to implement TruCredential within CBORD’s Odyssey Direct Site.

NACCU Virtual EXPO Showcase: CBORD

Life will be different on higher education campuses going forward. While colleges and universities develop strategic reopening plans, administrators and staff must evaluate how to meet public health guidelines for all living, learning, dining, and work environments. Keeping the campus community healthy and safe will be the top priority for a new academic year.

NACCU Virtual EXPO Showcase: Entrust Datacard

During a constant state of change and evolution in today’s technology and today’s world, let’s discuss how Universities can continue to evolve and stay flexible in their ID issuance and card program design.

NACCU Virtual EXPO Showcase: Transact Mobile First Innovations

Our focus continues around our guiding principles for solution development: Mobile First, Connected User Experiences, Modern API Design & Feedback-Driven Continuous Delivery.
princeton identity

NACCU Virtual EXPO Showcase: Princeton Identity

Princeton Identity demonstrates how its Iris-on-the-Move technology can provide a safer environment with a touchless reader for campus applications.
safety first

Safety First: Access Control In a Pre and Post COVID19 World

At the George Washington University top service priorities are Safety, Care, and Efficiency. Putting safety first, GW has made several major investments in access control over the past year. Learn how these investments have prepared our campus for changes in operations due to COVID-19.

NACCU Virtual EXPO Showcase: Transact Attendance

Automated attendance tracking is becoming more common in higher education. Financial aid and other reporting requirements are pushing campuses to track attendance and institutions are striving for ways to increase student success and retention.
stored value programs

Stored Value Programs

Considering other options for students and parents, such as personal credit cards, Apple Pay, Venmo, Zelle, and others as forms of payment, and as smaller merchants increase acceptance of these payment methods, is there a diminishing need for university operated and managed stored value accounts?

NACCU Virtual EXPO Showcase: dormakaba

dormakaba’s BEST access solutions allow you to upgrade your facility’s door hardware and access control systems quickly and easily. With a strong history of performance in the education vertical, the BEST product portfolio is ideal for education applications no matter the functional requirements needed.

NACCU Virtual EXPO Showcase: Northland Controls

Following a recap of credential security, this session discusses the roadmap to end-to-end encryption and explore options to reduce vulnerabilities on data in transit and at rest to achieve a holistic security solution.
Post COVID-19

Campus Card Operations Post COVID 19

What will your operation look like once campus opens again? How will CDC and campus guidelines impact your physical space? Will you need to require masks, gloves or other personal protective equipment? How will you queue customers? How will social distancing be enforced and by whom? Members share plans and ideas for best practices in what will be a "forward normal" in operations.

NACCU 2Y Connect: Two-Year College Conference Call, June 2, 2020

NACCU invites members to attend Two-Year College Conference Calls to create community among NACCU’s two-year institutional members.
HID Global Virtual EXPO

NACCU Virtual EXPO Showcase: HID Global

Physical security is changing rapidly, and in today’s environment there is a lot to consider. Join HID Global as we discuss real-time trends, best practices and solutions for the higher education community.
LEAP - Towson

Leadership Exploration in Higher Education

LEAP, an innovative soft-skills based employee training program, enhances each member’s self-confidence, increases their ability to work in teams and helps them understand the important role that they play.
Virtual EXPO-CloudCard

NACCU Virtual EXPO Showcase: CloudCard

CloudCard talks about the latest in Online Photo Submission technology, including a demo of the newest features and Q&A.
TouchNet Virtual EXPO Showcase

NACCU Virtual EXPO Showcase: TouchNet

Join Fred Emery and Dave Falldien from TouchNet's OneCard team as they share some fresh perspectives on getting the most out of your solution and real-world examples that you can adopt to benefit your students and staff in the long run.