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Ready Set Return – This School Year is Up to You – With Entrust

As students and faculty Return to campus, we want to adequately arm you with best practices to ensure you are Set to work with equipment and systems to issue credentials, decreasing the risk of incidents and being Ready to welcome your students back to campus confidently. "This school year is up to you!

Is a Leadership Change the Time to Look at the Future of Your Card Office?

Is a Leadership change of your Card Office the chance to take a hard look at what your office is doing and if it should still be doing it? This presentation will share one school's look at this in relation to: need for physical space, continuation of stored value, absorption of department into security or IT, groups that need identification, etc. How much need is there in your school for a stand alone card office in the future?

The Road to Becoming a High Performing Card Office

The NACCU Standards and Guidelines (SAGs) program provides a roadmap toward becoming a High Performing Card Office based on our industry’s professional standards. The SAGs self-evaluation program results can be used to guide strategic plans, identify opportunities and strengths, and to identify weaknesses and areas that need development. The SAGs evaluation tool provides for a consistent process which can be replicated to ensure that the assessment cycle continue.

NACCU Interview with CBORD

Dawn Thomas, NACCU CEO, interviews Lorena Harris, VP of Marketing at CBORD. Listen as they discuss the recently-launched CBORD Insights research program, and some of the initial findings about what stakeholder groups want and how campus automation can improve their experiences.

Virtual EXPO Showcase: Mobile for All with ColorID

ColorID will present real solutions for rolling out mobile credentials today at prices you can manage. You completed your card and reader migration, so let’s discuss how it is possible to migrate to mobile credentials similarly, using modern tools for issuing and managing the credentials as you go.

NACCU Interview with WaveLynx

Dawn Thomas, NACCU CEO, interviews Robert Lydic, President at WaveLynx. In this interview, they discuss the WaveLynx ecosystem, how mobile access utilizing NFC Wallet technology can make a huge difference in the lives of students, how NFC Wallet is different from Bluetooth, and the steps to rapid adoption of NFC Wallet on your campus.

Card Office Layouts

Join us for a discussion on campus card office layouts provided by the College of Staten Island, the University of Southern California and Babson College.  We will provide an overview of their campus card office layouts, review changes made within the last few years, discuss outstanding challenges and offer ways to adapt. 

Adding Transit Services to ID Cards

The University of Minnesota has successfully integrated a transit pass into its campus card, bringing to fruition years of preparation and planning. Minnesota students who pay the Transportation and Safety Fee can now use their student ID, the U Card, as a Universal Transit Pass (UTP), which allows students unlimited rides on regional public transit providers. Join us for an overview of the project, the challenges faced, lessons learned, and final results.

Ontario Tech Card Office Overview

Enjoy a card office overview from Ontario Tech!

The Move to Mobile – A Small Campus Perspective

Learn about the path that Swarthmore College took to implement mobile credentials within 6 years of the inception of their OneCard program with presenter Anthony Condo.

NACCU Interview with Allegion

John Ogle, NACCU Membership Engagement Manager, interviews Jeff Koziol, Higher Education Security Specialist with Allegion in this interview, as they discuss Allegion's role in the mobile credential initiative, the benefits and considerations involved in moving to mobile, what the "100% use case" requirement means, and how technology and usage are accelerating as more campuses launch mobile credentials.

Effective Leadership through Biology

Studies show that when certain chemicals are released through the body's natural biological processes, an employee's positive attitude toward work, productivity, and efficiency increase. We will explore what leadership behaviors trigger these chemicals and what behaviors release chemicals that actually work against the ultimate survival of the organization.

Virtual EXPO Showcase: Increasing Revenues, Retention, and More with your Mobile Credential with Payd

In this session, you'll learn how Payd has made your credential to do so much more! Payd is dedicated to improving the student experience on campuses across the globe - from bolstering school revenues to increasing student retention. Explore how built-in technologies will make your students' lives easier with tools such as a self-serve onboarding system that is KYC approved, an advanced loyalty program that goes well beyond the meal plan, and our FinTech platform that will help students pay for their schooling while they're in school.

NACCU Interview with CBORD

John Ogle, NACCU Membership Experience and Education Director, interviews Jon Lawrence, Vice-President, Product Strategy with CBORD. They discuss the factors influencing the shift of the mobile credential from a benefit to a necessity, the future of a seamless connected campus, and how biometrics fit into the picture.

Looking Up to the Cloud

With many older software systems nearing end of life, we’ve reached an inflection point: should we keep certain applications hosted and maintained in house, or has the time come to look up to the cloud? In this webinar, we will explore key functions that are increasingly moving to the cloud in higher education, and we will demonstrate some of the latest cloud-based solutions available to help.

NACCU Interview with University of Wisconsin – Whitewater

John Ogle, NACCU Member Experience and Education Director, interviews Dave Halbach, Assistant Director, University Center with University of Wisconsin - Whitewater, as they discuss changes in roles and responsibilities, and a variety of projects tackled over the summer of 2022, including migration of the card transaction system to Transact's cloud, upgrading the ID card software, printers, and cash registers, and planning for implementation of mobile ordering.

TED Talk: Negotiating for Yourself

Asking for a raise or compensation in the workplace can be awkward and uncomfortable but if you are well prepared the process will be more bearable and you may be pleasantly surprised by the outcome! Preparing both your mindset and your research prior to your conversation is key!   Having a strategy in place will help you to prepare for a successful and fluent negotiation.   This Ted Talk will share some very helpful tips that will teach you to better prepare your negotiating skills and properly demonstrate your contribution, and value to the company. 

NACCU Interview with HID

HID   John Ogle, NACCU Membership Experience and Education Director, interviews Tim Nyblom, Director - End User Business Development, Higher Education with HID. They discuss a new HID team member that NACCU members may know, what's been happening at HID, what trends have emerged as Tim and the HID team have been meeting others at in-person events, and an exciting announcement from HID regarding the upcoming NACCU 2023 Annual Conference in Austin!

Logging and Auditing your Card Production Equipment

Learn about Ohio State's approach to capturing, logging, and providing useful audit data for card production activity done in InstantID, using features found in the software, along with the customization toolkit.

NACCU Interview with TouchNet

Dawn Thomas, NACCU CEO, interviews Ryan Audus, Vice President of Product Strategy with TouchNet, as they discuss TouchNet's OneCard program and how it supports campus plans to go mobile and utilize user data to deliver quality service to the community.

Realize a Hybrid Connected Campus with Secure Card Issuance

While on-campus learning and events have returned, the hybrid classroom and workforce are part of our new normal. Your secure connected campus starts with trusted identities for students, staff, and visitors. Join this webinar to learn about contactless card issuance that lets students, faculty, and others securely submit their photos online for remote validation and ID card issuance. ID cards can then be picked up or delivered by mail. As well, mobile IDs can be used to provide a truly contactless experience across campus. No more long wait queues, no more poor quality cards that lack durability and security, and a great new branding opportunity for your school.

Managing Student Staff

Working with students is why most of us enjoy what we do. How do we make certain they leave us with skills they can transfer to any work environment? We'll look into assessment, training, and management tools for a card office.

NACCU Interview with Georgia Southern University

Jörrun Liston, NACCU Member Experience and Education Director, interviews Richard Wynn, Director of the Eagle Card Program with Georgia Southern University, as they discuss Georgia Southern's implementation of mobile credentials, some of the benefits of using a mobile credential, and how mobile credentials will change the face of the traditional card office.

NACCU Interview with UNLV

Jörrun Liston, NACCU Member Experience and Education Director, interviews Christina Mowsakowski, RebelCard Senior Program Manager with the University of Nevada Las Vegas, as they discuss a summer project to preprint all RebelCards for which students submitted their photos online. These students were able to skip the line and pick their card up at a location reserved away from the office traffic to reduce the line for the front office.

TED Talk: Balancing your Work and Personal Lives

What does a manageable work and personal life balance look like? Meghan Rosenberg from Babson College led us as we watched a short TED Talk on work and home life balance and then discussed some steps we may be able to implement to achieve these balances.

Sustaining a Robust Off-Campus Merchant Program

A behind-the-scenes look at one of the nation's largest self-operated off-campus merchant programs. Topics include how the program is structured, how merchants are onboarded, and the technology put in place to make paying and reconciling over $4 million of annual off-campus activity to nearly 100 different merchant partners a quick and easy process.

NACCU Interview with The Ohio State University

Dawn Thomas, NACCU CEO, interviews Joshua Bodnar, Director of BuckID, with The Ohio State University, as they discuss a major summer project which entails updating campus technology, hardware, badges and processes for a future move to contactless and mobile. Click the image below to watch now!

Your Data Treasure Trove

Does your campus recognize the treasure trove of data residing in the card system?  Is that data being used for student interventions or campus enhancements?  No matter your answers, let's talk about what we have, your methods for sharing it, and just how useful it can be to our campus communities.

Genetec Synergis Access Control – Two Campuses

Watch as two campuses share their experiences with Genetec in a unified environment. Clemson University and SUNY Binghamton will provide insights.

How Do You Off-Campus? A Panel Discussion on Off-Campus Programs

Hear how several different campuses approach their off-campus merchant programs and why. Panelists will share information about the structure of their program, what roles their partners play, how the program fits into their overall operation, and answer questions from the audience.

Virtual EXPO Showcase: Sentry Interactive Access Control Supply Chain Challenges

See how Sentry Interactive can help you address the challenges of providing credentials to your students, faculty and staff in a world where the supply chain is causing challenges. With this new platform, we will show how you can leverage existing deployed solutions to provide both investment protection and an upscale user experience. 

Instant ID: Tips & Tricks

Have you been using IDWorks 6.5 and are anxious about making the jump to TruCredential / Instant ID? Come and learn some tips and tricks from schools that have already made the jump and can help you to plan for a smooth transition.

Fired Up for a Mobile-Only Student Experience, the CMU Story

Taking a collaborative approach with your business partner and campus community to have a seamless Mobile Only Student Experience.

NACCU Interview with Evolis

Dawn Thomas, NACCU CEO, interviews Evolis Channel Sales Manager, Jeremy Jones. The two discuss Evolis solutions to card office challenges, the company’s newly launched Primacy 2 card printer, and how they have successfully navigated today’s economic environment.

The North Carolina State University and ColorID Story

There is a new generation of cloud-based solutions that are purpose-built for card issuance, photo upload, and identity management that offer a range of specific features beyond what many campuses have available to them at present. Hear which solutions NC State chose and how they integrated them throughout their campus.

Been Audited Lately? We Have!

Watch a discussion on The University of Alabama Action Card’s recent financial and IT audit experience. What were the areas of focus? Discussions include the scope of the audit which included electronic record-keeping for vendor contract terms, daily financial reconciliations and segregation of duties, compliance with institutional standards, designed IT controls, system access and application controls, plus more.

ID Badge & Card Printing Made Simple

Learn How to Efficiently Issue Campus ID Cards Effortlessly Across All Locations During Peak Periods with a Proven 8 Step System.

Virtual EXPO Showcase: Transact – Engage the Mobile-Centric Student

Transact Mobile Ordering is an industry-leading solution providing the ultimate convenience for campuses with real-time mobile ordering and more. Learn how Transact Mobile Ordering is transforming the student mobile experience beyond just food ordering to include services such as reservations, student fundraisers, event registration, and card office payments.

Futureproofing Card Issuance: Transitioning from Desktop to Cloud-Based Card Issuance Software

The prevalence of the cloud is seemingly everywhere, and more and more traditional applications are heading in this direction.  Whether it’s to watch the latest Netflix show at home or create a presentation using Office365 we use cloud solutions around every turn and the benefits are obvious.  We no longer need to download any software, information is synced between all your devices, and you can literally access the application from anywhere.  As such, it’s no surprise that cloud-based card issuance solutions have started to pop up with varying level of capabilities.  The appeal is real and moving to a cloud-based card issuance solution may be easier than you thought.   

You’re Interested in Implementing Mobile Campus IDs. Now what?

As with any transformational project, implementing a mobile version of your campus ID requires collaboration and planning across multiple divisions and offices across an institution. In this webinar, we visit with Joe Harting, Director of Campus Operations at Northern Arizona University, and Ryan Audus, Vice President of Product Strategy at TouchNet, to discuss what it takes to implement mobile ID technology for higher education and how it can take your campus experience to the next level.

Back to Basics – Access Control Hardware 101 for your Campus

Wireless locks, card readers, campus ID cards, mobile credentials, panic hardware, mag locks, and electric strikes—there’s a lot to know about access control on college and university campuses. As electronics become more prevalent on your campus, it is important to understand the fundamentals. This webinar will explore the basics of access control and door hardware solutions, including discussion on student ID cards and mobile credentials. This session will be done in panel format. Join the discussion and hear from your peers to get an idea of what access control looks like on their campuses.

The Power of Unattended Distributed Card Offices

The era of crowded, overworked card offices should be nearing an end. There is no longer a need for handling cards for each and every student, faculty member, staff, or visitor. There is a more efficient and practical way which will improve your efficiency, minimize health risks, and improve security. 

NACCU Interview with Transact

Dawn Thomas, NACCU CEO, interviews Rasheed Behrooznia, General Manager of Campus ID Solutions with Transact, as they discuss how mobile credentials are evolving as student expectations change.

From Staff to Supplies: Automation/Technology Solutions to Combat Shortages

Every higher education institution across the country is currently feeling the pinch of shortages, whether those come in the form of labor shortages, supply chain disruptions, or both. In response, many have been forced to increase wages, close locations, and take other measures that severely impact business operations. In the face of these challenges, new solutions can be the determining factor in whether the impact is minor or more long-term. Join us as we discuss the ways CBORD solutions directly address these shortages and provide opportunities to cut costs, optimize your existing resources, and revitalize revenue, both now and in the future.

NACCU Interview with University of Denver

Dawn Thomas, NACCU CEO, interviews Scott Murray, Senior System Specialist with the University of Denver, as they discuss how the university brought an autonomous grocery store to their campus community and what lessons were learned along the way.

MyPhoto5 Deep Dive

In this webinar, we explore all of the new features and enhancements of MyPhoto5, the next generation of Online Photo Submission.

NACCU Interview with ColorID

John Ogle, NACCU Member Engagement Manager, interviews Mark Degan, Director - Corporate Marketing, as they discuss how our industry has been affected by supply shortages, and what's new at ColorID.

NACCU Interview with TouchNet

John Ogle, NACCU Member Engagement Manager, interviews Dave Falldien, Manager of Sales Engineering with TouchNet, as they discuss the biggest opportunities and obstacles for card program advancement, the future of the plastic card and mobile credentials, the acceleration of the move to cloud services, and more.

NACCU Interview with CBORD

Dawn Thomas, NACCU CEO, interviews Jim Hoefflin, President and CEO for The CBORD Group in this interview, as they discuss the importance of facing the challenges of automation, optimization, and ROI when assessing your systems and solutions.

NACCU Interview with MyPhoto

Dawn Thomas, NACCU CEO, interviews AJ Jacubenta, President and CEO for MyPhoto in this interview, as they discuss the exciting new features and functionality in MyPhoto5!