Jorrun Liston : Welcome everyone! We are recording this presentation and will post it on naccuTV.

Ryan Doyle : Can the software/hardware encode two chips? e.g. iclass SE and Mifare DesFire Ev1.

John Ogle : What hardware is needed to manage the printers remotely?

David O’Driscoll, HID Global : Thanks for the question Ryan! Quick answer is yes we an work with multi-tech cards but let’s chat after

David O’Driscoll, HID Global : Thanks John – just the HID FARGO Connect Console is required to manage remote printers

David O’Driscoll, HID Global : And if the solution is on-prem that is possible too – we just leverage the internal cloud or intranet

Ryan Doyle : Thanks Nils and David.

John Ogle : Is on-premise more secure than the cloud?

John Ogle : What options are available to authenticate to the console?

Steven Zulkarnain : Thank you David, Nils, and John! I have another meeting to attend.