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TED Talk: What Opportunities Did you Seize During the Pandemic?

TED Talk: What Opportunities Did You Seize During the Pandemic?

I learned and embraced several concepts very early in my career and they have served me well during this pandemic. The first is, the only thing that is constant is change and the second, never waste a good crisis. If you recognize these sayings, or variations of them, I think you know where I am coming from. When the pandemic came, I will be honest and say I did not have a “shovel ready” plan to propose but we had a strong foundation from which to leverage our resources and seize several opportunities. In order for your institution to survive, possibly even thrive during the last 2+ years, what changes have you seized?

Discussion Questions:

  • In order for your institution to survive, possibly even thrive during the last 2+ years, what changes have you seized?
  • What were your biggest challenges?
  • What changes are now “permanent” as your area looks to the future?

Steve Robbins, Clemson University

Steve has worked at Clemson since 1990 in various financial and technology roles in Student Affairs. He has worked with the card office (TigerOne) for about 20 years and has positioned TigerOne as a mission-critical service. Managing change has been and continues to play a major part in this ongoing transformation that has resulted in key partnerships across the university. In the last three years TigerOne has moved to Public Safety in the Finance area and continues to be responsible for university credentials, transactions system, access control, and video systems.

Jorrun Liston:  Welcome everyone!  We are recording this session and will post on naccuTV.  Enjoy this great video!

Jorrun Liston:  What’s an example of change at your institution?

Kim Pfeffer [she|her]:  Fingers crossed, our cards are supposed to be delivered next week . . .

Jennifer McDonald – Georgian College:  I’m trying to use that to push mobile too

Sara Featherlin:  I know we ordered in September and got them in late January

Jessica Bender:  Makes me glad to still be magstripe….not much issue with supplies for that

Sara Featherlin:  but we also ordered again in December knowing that we wanted more-and they’re supposed to be here next month I think

Melissa. Neidigh:  In process at UM, we are in a pilot right now, and launching in the fall.

Lynn Ernsting:  In the discovery phase right now at SPU

Jennifer McDonald – Georgian College:  When our new semester starts in May, we’re going back to 2019 status for access to buildings

Jennifer McDonald – Georgian College:  Wendy, that’s what I’m afraid of this Fall

Meghan Rosenberg:  I’m sorry I have to jump off but this has been great thank you!

Jorrun Liston:  Thanks Meg!

Kimberly Boyle:  Diane, that is very thoughtful! There are so many benefits to in person interaction!

Jennifer McDonald – Georgian College:  We’re going to try appointments but I have my doubts. I think we should be prepared to do things on a much bigger scale than appointments will allow

Lynn Ernsting:  We are continuing to operate by appointment only. Lots of no-shows which is frustrating. Also, plenty of walk-ins even though all of our communication (and signage on the outside of our office) says an appointment is needed.

Kim Pfeffer [she|her]:  We have returned to pre-pandemic operations.  Walk up, sign in to the queue, wait to be called in.  We do have limited appointments available each day BUT most folks do not show up for those.  🙁

Jennifer McDonald – Georgian College:  Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have changed here

Kim Pfeffer [she|her]:  We also stopped pre-printing cards in advance of appointments since folks weren’t showing up.  Now, we really only print when you are standing there in front of us.

Sara Featherlin:  Kim, we do that now, too! We print on demand for those who have uploaded photos

Wendy McCrory:  yep – don’t print until they can grab it

Kim Pfeffer [she|her]:  In January we were left with piles of cards for folks that we printed months and months ago and reminded time and time again.  #frustrating

Wendy McCrory:  thanks all! great info and conversation. gotta run!

Jorrun Liston:  Thanks Wendy!

Jennifer McDonald – Georgian College:  I have to run also. Thanks everyone 🙂

Jorrun Liston:  Thanks Jen!

Kim Pfeffer [she|her]:  That’s me this week!!!

Christina Mosakowski:  I’m remote more than in the office

Lynn Ernsting:  Thank you so much Stephen – really appreciate you leading this conversation!

Jan Montoya:  Thank you – this was great!

Jessica Bender:  Thank you Stephen! Great conversation

Kim Pfeffer [she|her]:  Great conversation, thank you Stephen!!

Sara Featherlin:  loved this conversation!

Kim Pfeffer [she|her]:  BYE!

Jorrun Liston:  Thanks everyone for this discussion.  Special thanks to Steve Robbins from Clemson for facilitating.  Enjoy your day.

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