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When Should a Campus Consider Contracting ID Card Printing and Issuance?

When Should a Campus Consider Contracting ID Card Printing and Issuance?

Every semester when students return to their campus, the demand on the ID card office peaks. Even though many manage this internally, considering an external issuance partner can be your Superhero lifeline.  Attend this webinar to determine the three primary situations when you need to send up your ID printing distress signal.

Joe French, eXpress badging

John Ogle : Thanks for joining us for today’s webinar! Please submit your questions for Joe here in the chat window.

Michelle Dietz : With the Fulfillment option, postage would be included in the cost, I assume, do you have a bulk postage discount?

Richard Wynn : Joe, Do you have DTC and retransfer as standard options? Do you have large format badges/conference badges available?

Wendy McCrory, NDSU : Can you provide the turn-around time on say a 500 card project shipped back to the school?

Abe Cereno : Do you have a list of institutions are currently using your services?

Wendy McCrory, NDSU : looking at your website I saw information on cloud-based printing. would you mind addressing that?

Jorrun Liston :

Wendy McCrory, NDSU : I saw that! Cool!

Michelle Dietz : Thank you for your presentation and time, Joe.

Richard Wynn : Thanks Joe

Wendy McCrory, NDSU : Thank you Joe!! Great to see you!

Monica Seko : Thanks, Joe!  Great info!!

alicia todaro UCMO : thank you

Jorrun Liston :

Abe Cereno : Great job. Thank you

Andrew Treu (He/Him/His) : Thank you Joe!

Jorrun Liston : Thanks everyone!  We’ve recorded this and will post it on naccuTV.

As the only association that specializes in the campus identification and transaction industry serving the national and international campus card community, NACCU is dedicated to high quality educational programs, resources, services, and tools. The NACCU community offers its members networking, partnerships, leveraging technology, problem-solving, insight sharing, and professional development.

NACCU membership is open to all colleges, universities, secondary institutions and companies that are involved with the campus card market. Learn more and join the community at 


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