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You’re Interested in Implementing Mobile Campus IDs. Now what?

You’re Interested in Implementing Mobile Campus IDs. Now what?

As with any transformational project, implementing a mobile version of your campus ID requires collaboration and planning across multiple divisions and offices across an institution. In this webinar, we visit with Joe Harting, Director of Campus Operations at Northern Arizona University, and Ryan Audus, Vice President of Product Strategy at TouchNet, to discuss what it takes to implement mobile ID technology for higher education and how it can take your campus experience to the next level.

Key learnings:

The scope of undertaking mobile ID
Questions to ask of your campus and vendors
Usage, budget and security considerations
Impacts to the card office

Joe Harting, Northern Arizona University
Ryan Audus, TouchNet


Jörrun Liston : Welcome Everyone! We are recording this presentation and will post it to naccuTV.
Jen McDonald – Georgian College : Samsung wallet was recently announced. Is this on the 360u roadmap?
Jen McDonald – Georgian College : Any project plans/docs that you’re able to share would be greatly appreciated, Joe.
Angela Edge : Great advice!
Angela Edge : Thank you!
Jen McDonald – Georgian College : What was your communications tool that received the most engagement with your students?
Jay Treft : Joe, do you plan to eventually discontinue printing and issuing physical ID cards, and rely exclusively on mobile IDs ?
Jen McDonald – Georgian College : Thank you so much for the great information!
Annie Martin : Thank you!
Nigel Bertrand : Thank-you
Angela Edge : Thank you!
Jay Treft : Thank you!
Angela Edge : Great presentation and information!
Chantal Flament : Thank you!
Jörrun Liston : Thanks to Ryan Audus from TouchNet and Joe Harting from Northern Arizona University!

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