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Virtual EXPO Showcase: QLess remote queuing and appointment scheduling software

NACCU Virtual EXPO Showcase
Our corporate members demo their products and services for you in this series of online events

How to Virtualize Student Engagement in Less Than 60 Days
As colleges and universities across the nation reopen their campuses amidst the pandemic, the safety of students and staff alike remain a top concern. As a result, campus leadership must consider the various ways in which to adapt their student engagement models to align with CDC guidelines. In many cases, this has meant the adoption of new technology and resources to support COVID-19 mitigation strategies. However, with dwindling budgets and fewer resources available, the idea of digital transformation may seem out of reach.

Join Kelly Kliner from QLess as she discusses how higher education institutions can leverage remote queuing and appointment scheduling software to enable student service operations without breaking the bank.

Kelly Kliner, Director of Sales

John Ogle : Thanks for joining today! Feel free to submit your questions for Kelly here.

Melinda Bakken : No questions yet, but am interested!

Melinda Bakken : we have an e-signature requirement for terms and conditions would we be able to incorporate it into the reservation process? It does require single sign on, but we do have other services that don’t require the single sign on component.

Melinda Bakken : do they actually read it? They don’t read email. They see that their appointment is confirmed and don’t read the rest 🙂

Melinda Bakken : thank you!

Jessica Bender : If the fee is based on full time students, does this allow for an unlimited number of accounts/offices or is there a limit?

Martha Nelson, UB : Is there a limit to the number of users (staff) and is there a cost associated with that?

Jessica Bender : Thank you!

Martha Nelson, UB : Thank You!

Melinda Bakken : Thanks!

Audra Forsberg : Thank you!!

Christina Mosakowski : Thank-you!

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