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CINO Card: From the Electric Closet to the Current of the University

From the Electric Closet to the Current of the University

The CINO Card office at Coastal Carolina University started in a literal electrical closet and now is critical system within the structure of the university. The goal, within our division, is to get the card system so integrated with in the university that the physical card office itself is no longer needed.

  • Is your card critical to your university?
  • Where can your services be expanded?
  • Does your upper administration understand the card system?


Scott Gallimore, Coastal Carolina

Jorrun Liston:    Welcome everyone!  We are recording this event and will post it on naccuTV.

Deb Nightingale:    it can be like an archaeological dig!!!

Jorrun Liston:    Agreed Deb!

Jorrun Liston:    If you have a question or something to share, please type in the chat or feel free to turn your camera on and join in.

Meghan Rosenberg:    Scott our office is very similar to yours, how many full time/part time employees do you have?

Jorrun Liston:    SAGs = Standards and Self-Assessment Guidelines.  Scott participated in the course and is now on faculty.

Debbie Cortell:    What do you feel helped the most in getting buy in from other depts. who may have been reluctant in jumping on board initially?

Meghan Rosenberg:    thank you!

Debbie Cortell:    great, thanks 🙂

John Ogle:    Scott, what kinds of data do you share on a regular basis and with whom do you share it?

Jorrun Liston:   How do you find your champions? 

John Ogle:    Thanks!

Meghan Rosenberg:    can I ask what program you use for tracking activities and is this what you are using for covid compliance?

Meghan Rosenberg:    perfect thanks!

Debbie Cortell:   SAGS is definitely helping. We are now using what we learned to structure our office more.  I’m here now with my manager watching

Debbie Cortell:    We are working on still documenting processes and going through the modules and still putting things in place and updating things where we can and sharing it with some of our partnering groups

Meghan Rosenberg:    we are just starting this process so this has been extremely helpful thank you!

Deb Nightingale:    thanks Scott 🙂

Debbie Cortell:    thanks all, bye

Jorrun Liston:   Great to see everyone today.  Thanks for coming!

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