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Unlocking the Potential of Mobile Credentials in Higher Education with HID

Unlocking the Potential of Mobile Credentials in Higher Education

Join HID as they explore the evolving landscape of mobile credentials on the higher education campus. You’ll discover why mobile credentials have become a focal point in many conversations amongst security and facility managers and get up to speed on the latest and greatest mobile technology.

In this webinar, we’ll cover the following:

  • Why mobile credentials? Uncover the advantages of adopting mobile credentials including enhanced security, convenience and integration with your existing systems.
  • What options are available? Explore the different technology in market such as app-based mobile and wallet solutions and gain insights into features, benefits and potential real-world use cases.
  • Where to start? Receive practical guidance on how to initiate and execute a successful mobile access program, from establishing a foundation to engaging campus stakeholders and deploying on campus.
  • Why invest? The compelling advantages and return on investment (ROI) linked with mobile credentials include some of the following: a streamlined administrative process, enhanced student experience and the ability to future-proof the campus environment.

Don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity with HID and take the first step towards a more secure and convenient campus experience!

Presenter: Tim Nyblom, HID

Jorrun Liston: Welcome everyone!  We are recording this presentation and will post it on naccuTV.

Noel Sabiston: Why would you have two IDs?

Precious Smith: We have a mix of locks on our campus . . . we wouldn’t be able to afford ALL doors at the same time

Nils Wahlander: It’s a great point Noel, not every use case or student may need both a physical and mobile credential simultaneously (especially from a security standpoint) but from an issuance perspective the Fargo Connect solution allows you to choose one or the other at the time of issuance.  Gives you flexibility to transition at your own pace.  Its common to have both types of IDs being used on campus as not everyone will go mobile in the University. Hope this helps but happy to discuss it further or give a demo later.

Ursula Shail: here also – mix of locks, mix of access control systems, mix of chips, mix of commerce systems….yet, everyone asks us why we can’t have ‘OneCard’ to manage it all!

Nicole Fikes, HID: HID Mobile onboarding link:

Amy Surprenant: Precious Smith you are not alone in saying that you can’t afford all doors at the same time.. This is why the app based cloud solution would be a great option.. because you don’t have to have the 100 % use case.. It’s scalable. With the student ID within the apple wallet that is where you need the 100% use case.

Noel Sabiston: That was what I was asking. Thanks Tim

Jennifer McNeill (UAlberta): Thanks Tim. This is a great webinar for me to share on campus.

Lené Hunt-McMillan: Can you speak to strict requirements of Apple

Deb Nightingale: great presentation.  Thanks Tim and HID for the help in getting our campus ready to roll out mobile credentials

Michael Murphy: Yes, thanks Tim! Very informative!

Arlene Clement: thanks v helpful

Ann Marie Powell – Auxiliary Services: Thanks Tim

Ursula Shail: Thank you – great presentation!  Leaves me feeling hopeful 🙂

Lené Hunt-McMillan: Thanks Tim – I’ll have to tell Patti you don’t remember me

Tim Nyblom: Lene! I remember 😉

Tim Nyblom: Thank you everyone for attending! I really appreciate it. Please reach out if you would like to discuss mobile in more detail.14:58:19 From  Lené Hunt-McMillan:

Amy Surprenant: Have a great day all! Great presentation Tim!

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