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Virtual EXPO Showcase: eXpress badging

NACCU Virtual EXPO Showcase
Our corporate members demo their products and services for you in this series of online events

Eliminate the Frustrations of Desktop Photo ID Management Software!

Are you tired of the ongoing management issues and restrictions required by desktop software licenses?

We will show you how campuses are using their browser to manage data, securely acquire photos via email, and print to their favorite ID card printer from any computer or mobile device.

Need to issue ID cards to off-campus individuals instantly? We’ll review how our virtual ID solves this problem. We’ll also showcase other smart features that will save you time like batch photo cropping, auto-selecting and printing ID designs based on logic, and reporting using our robust dashboard.

Watch this Virtual Showcase to learn more, ask questions, and see how easy it will be to get your campus started with a Cloud Based Badging™ solution by eXpress badging™.

Joe French, President

Dawn Thomas : Welcome to the eXpress badging 
Jorrun Liston : We are recording this presentation and will post it to naccuTV this week.
Victoria Felder : *thumbs up*
Dianna Corriero – Loyola Marymount : how does your printing tie in with NFC cards and mag stripes that need to have coding added?
Victoria Felder : what other filters are there to use for approving a photo? can you remove the background color?
Abraham “Abe” Cereno : Is there a feature that will change the background?
Dianna Corriero – Loyola Marymount : Is there means to take a photo in person in your card office?
Lacey Skalsky : Is there a place to communicate why you denied their photo?
Lacey Skalsky : can you require them to submit a gov’t ID too?
Victoria Felder : instead of captcha, would there be able to be a more secure login? University actual login?
Markus Quon : Recommend Shibboleth/SAML integration for any login for SSO

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