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Virtual Card Office Tours with NACCU Board Members

Virtual Card Office Tours with NACCU Board Members

Let’s go on virtual tours with a few NACCU Board members! See how things work on other campuses and let’s discuss with representatives from these campuses in the chat. 

Featuring these campuses:
Georgia Southern University
Liberty University
Virginia State University

Jorrun Liston, NACCU : We’ll start shortly. Thanks for your patience!
Crystal Bazarnic : Hello!
Courtney Petrizzi : Hi!!
Rebecca Estey : Hello!
Wendy McCrory : Howdy!
Janice Weston : Hello all!
Eni Thompson : Hello!
Ramonia Prosise : Hello Everyone.
Jennifer McNeill : I can smell the trees
Scott Brannan : Hi everyone!
John Reale : Hi Everyone!
Chomeka Franklin : Hello.
Laurie Harris : Hi everyone
Jessica Bender : hello
Janet Rauhe : Happy Friday Eve everyone!
Janice Weston : I want to go hiking there!
Marilyn Cossaro : Hello everyone!
Ramonia Prosise : Me too Janice.
Deborah Nightingale : hello NACCU friends
Jorrun Liston, NACCU : Hi Jennifer McNeill!
Dawn Thomas : Hi NACCU, our Board Members who are sharing their campus operations today are on the program if you wish to give them a question in the chat.
Erin (she/her) : @Jenn – I need to know where you got that lanyard display/hanger!
John Reale : I like being able to have the students have their card on their phone. We have CBORD, is that something we can do?
Jen McDonald – Georgian College : I’m jealous of your windows
Jorrun Liston, NACCU : Look at that view out their WALL of windows!
Michael Hovestol : what’s that white stuff on the ground outside =)
Jennifer McNeill: I have a love/hate with those lanyard stands. They fall down.
Janet Rauhe : your desks are so clean!
Ramonia Prosise : Such a beautiful campus and views.
Courtney Petrizzi : Loving those windows too!!!
Rebecca Estey : I was just thinking I want windows like that!
Janice Weston : Great job Jennifer!
Deborah Nightingale : nice! so comprehensive
Janet Rauhe : great job Jennifer and staff
Ramonia Prosise : Fabulous job Jennifer.
Courtney Petrizzi : That was great- love your office’s location too!
Ursula Shail : Nice job, Jennifer!
Jennifer McNeill : Everyone come visit 🙂
Michael Hovestol : Very nicely done!
Jennifer McNeill : Everyone come visit
Amy Slaughter : I have always wanted to see Alberta
Marilyn Cossaro : Well done everyone! Luv UofA!
Wendy McCrory : really nice, professional name badges. are those pre-printed?
Jennifer McNeill : We preprint the badge (like our cards) and update the fields as required by the dept.
Marilyn Cossaro : We are fighting with one area on campus to get rid of prox but they want they’re own system. We have 126 doors and 1 elevator using BBTS. Would luv to get rid of that prox!
Jennifer McNeill : I get that Marilyn. It’s hard – and not a problem until it’s a problem.
Janice Weston : Thanks Richard. Great job.
Janet Rauhe : Great job Richard. Thanks.
Ramonia Prosise : Great presentation Richard.
Courtney Petrizzi : Love seeing biometrics- That was awesome Richard
Richard Wynn : Thanks Janice,
John Reale : I’m jealous, I feel there is so much more we can be doing with our card program than what we are currently doing.
Michael Hovestol : Nice work! Thanks for putting that together and sharing!
Dawn Thomas : Thanks Michael. We hope you find these helpful.
Jen McDonald – Georgian College : I have to run to another meeting. This has been great! Thank you everyone
Wendy McCrory : I love your desk!
Crystal Bazarnic : Having a mirror is a great idea!
Eni Thompson : I like mirror! Very helpful!
Marilyn Cossaro : Thank you for the tour!
Janice Weston : Thanks Ramonia. Great seeing your campus — and I love your hair!
Jessica Bender : We have had students ask us to have a mirror too, great idea!
Kirk Solano : These tours were an awesome idea!
Courtney Petrizzi : Great Job Ramonia! Love all your efforts with PPE and social distancing- mirror is great too!
Jennifer McNeill : I am loving seeing all the other campuses. We should make this a regular thing.
Janet Rauhe : Thanks Ramonia!
Marilyn Cossaro : We had a mirror and it held up the line-up too much 🙁 its gone now.
Eni Thompson : How does the notary service work?
Dawn Thomas : If you are interested in making a video tour of your office, we would love to share it with NACCU members in a future program. Please email me at [email protected]. This is a great way for any member to give back to their association!
Nathan Gray : Deb – do you have student workers in your office?
Amy Slaughter : Notary service is a great idea. I get asked about notary services often by both students and employees.
Scott Brannan : Great job everyone!!!
Deborah Nightingale : yes currently 3 student workers
Ramonia Prosise : I love the office spacings. All the campuses have so much space.
Nathan Gray : thx
John Reale : I really enjoyed this, great job everyone!!
Michael Hovestol : Awesome work everyone!
Janice Weston : Deb, you have a beautiful campus! Thanks so much.
Chomeka Franklin : My kind of TV. Thanks everyone.
Jessica Bender : Thanks everyone!
Wendy McCrory : this was really great to see. thank you all for your time on this
Rebecca Estey : Thank you all!
Amy Slaughter : Great videos everyone.
Eni Thompson : Thank you. Very helpful.
Crystal Bazarnic : We want to see more! Contact Dawn to coordinate sending your campus tour video!
Ramonia Prosise : Deb your Card Office is excellent.
Courtney Petrizzi : Thanks everyone for sharing- I love seeing everyone’s spaces!
Deborah Nightingale : nice to “see” y’all
Jessica Buffington : Thank you all!! This was great to see!
Jorrun Liston, NACCU : Let’s see your campus!

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NACCU membership is open to all colleges, universities, secondary institutions and companies that are involved with the campus card market. Learn more and join the community at 


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