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Leveraging Technology to Ensure Vaccine Compliance at Suffolk University

How Suffolk University Manages Its Vaccine Requirement

This fall, Campus Safety has taken on a whole new meaning.  How do you protect campus from an intruder that no one can see, feel or touch?  Many institutions have instituted vaccination mandates, however the challenge of how to manage it remains.  Join this webinar to learn how Suffolk University was able to leverage its access control system to enforce their vaccination requirement.  System knowledge, out of the box thinking, and collaboration created a very effective, yet cost-free solution for the vibrant downtown Boston campus.


Mikhail Ilin, Suffolk University

Mikhail Ilin serves as the Director of Campus Card Services at Suffolk University, having held various campus roles since 1997.

Mikhail holds a BS in Computer Information Systems, an MBA and a Juris Doctorate from Suffolk University.  As an adjunct faculty member at the Sawyer School of Management at Suffolk University, he teaches Business Law and Ethics courses.  Mikhail also serves on the NACCU Professional Development Committee and is a regular presenter at CBORD and NACCU.

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