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Virtual EXPO Showcase: Transact on Enabling Mobile Credential Driven Experiences

NACCU Virtual EXPO Showcase
Our corporate members demo their products and services for you in this series of online events

Enabling mobile credential driven experiences on your campus 

Aligning your institution’s long-term vision for mobile credentials, many look to provide students with a first-class user experience supported on Apple or Android devices.

Join Transact’s Scott Dennison, Senior Director of Product Management, as he shares how to bring the student mobile ID to reality.

Key takeaways include:

  • Gain insights on enhancing your campus brand and increasing retention and student satisfaction.
  • How to implement and adopt a mobile ID credential solution.
  • Industry trends and critical best practices from Transact clients, including Duke University, University of Alabama, and more!

Jorrun Liston : Welcome everyone!

Marianne Marinella, Transact : Transact is live on Twitter during today’s Virtual EXPO Showcase! Join the conversation with @TransactCampus by using the #TransactMobileCredential

Jorrun Liston, NACCU : We are recording this presentation and will post it on naccuTV.

Brian Wilson : When the time comes, I’d like to know how, whether in person or online, a student is provisioned? This is a concern for us in the same way that a “standard” orientation line is.

Stacey Howell : what do you do when you have students that are not wanting to use the mobile but want the plastic card 

Ramonia Prosise : Did we put the cart before the horse by rolling out Mobile Ordering first? I know Mobile Credential has multi-functions, so did we really need Mobile Ordering? 

Brian Wilson : Is the eAccounts used for MC the same as is used to add funds?

Ken Regnier-HHMI : How does the mobile credential interact with mobile ordering? 

Ken Regnier-HHMI : If I were using the mobile ordering and I did not have enough funds in my account at check out, what happens next? Do I have to go to mobile credentials, add funds or to e-accounts? is there a link in the mobile ordering app to tap on to take you to a place to add funds?

Leland Smith : Do you have a requirement that 100% of Credential Readers be Transact NFC Readers. That includes all door readers, all electronic locks, all laundry readers, all vending readers, etc.

Leland Smith : The preceding question impled: Do you have this requirement prior to obtaining any Transact Mobile Credentials.

Brian Wilson : Again on the concept of provisioning; Did I understand correctly that only iPhone, Android, and Apple Watch are able to be provisioned? Also is there a way to limit the number of devices a customer provisions?

Juan Gonzalez : A question on the access control integration, can you integrate with on-prem systems and cloud access control systems such as Kisi or Openpath?

Brian Wilson : Is there a way to manually provision or is the app provision the only option?

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