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Virtual EXPO Showcase: Infor - More than POS for Campus Dining and Catering!

NACCU Virtual EXPO Showcase
Our corporate members demo their products and services for you in this series of online events

More than POS for Campus Dining and Catering!
Did you know that Infor can bring more than just point of sale and self-service kiosks to your campus? Join us to find out how you can boost sales with Mobile Ordering, streamline your campus events with our Sales and Catering software, and compare data from your many systems with our Enterprise Analytics software. Hear from NACCU member Princeton University about how Infor Sales and Catering has helped manage the event lifecycle for the University Faculty Club, and more!

Presenters: Graham Hill, Infor, Janet Ragan, Princeton University, Kasey Gieschen, Infor

Dan O’Dowd, Infor : Welcome to today’s session with Infor! We are excited to share who we are and how we can help you on your campus. Please list any questions here throughout the presentation and we will stop to answer them a couple of times during the session. Thanks!

Bill McGee : How many campus accounts can it handle?

Ryan Doyle : Is the point of sale limited to 1 brand?

Ryan Doyle : or can you have multiple franchisees?

Ryan Doyle : Food Court example.

Kim Pfeffer [she|her] : Can you discuss the integration between the various card systems? How does this work with TouchNet or CBORD or Transact?

Jen McDonald – Georgian College : Can your self-serve kiosks be set up to allow students to deposit funds to their account?

Jon Hardy – BYU : Do accounts automatically cascade for a transaction?

Dan O’Dowd, Infor : Hi Jon. I will try to get your question worked in or we will follow up with that information!

Jon Hardy – BYU : 🙂

Scott Rossen Director of Dining : does this integrate with any menu management software? CBORD, Foodpro, etc.

Bill McGee : Will it interface with Banner/PeopleSoft for invoicing? 

Ryan Doyle : Does the system handle meal credits from TouchNet OneCard? (example board plans for Dining Hall) 

Bill McGee : Will the system process gift cards for Starbucks? 

Jen McDonald – Georgian College : Do you have data storage in Canada?

Graham Hill, Infor : Hi Jen, Currently all data is stored in AWS in the US. The POS doesn’t store any personal info of students or guests so that usually satisfies privacy concerns. 

Jen McDonald – Georgian College : Thanks Graham

Deborah Nightingale : thank you

Lynn Ernsting : Thank you for all the helpful details!

John Bonass : Thank you!

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