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Mobile Ordering

Mobile Ordering

In this season of COVID-19, mobile ordering on campus is increasing as a necessary option to provide continual service to students and maintain safe protocols on campus. Watch to learn from two members that have added this valuable option to their campus services and learn helpful tips to ensure a successful experience for all.

Richard Wynn, Georgia Southern University
Janet Rauhe, Elon University

14:31:25 From Crystal Bazarnic : Welcome, everyone!
14:32:31 From Kim Pfeffer : Hello All!
14:48:38 From Abraham “Abe” Cereno : voice is choppy
14:50:19 From William Pottle : Possibly move her microphone closer?
14:51:04 From Anthony Steve : MUCH!
14:51:09 From Cathy Fain : much better
14:53:15 From Ramonia Prosise : Have another meeting with AVP.
14:53:20 From Dawn Thomas : Sounds good now, Janet.
14:58:56 From Norman Grizzell : If anyone is doing mobile ordering, are you also offering delivery? If so, what does your delivery model look like…staffing, transportation, etc?
15:00:05 From Abraham “Abe” Cereno : LOL
15:00:06 From Lien Nguyen : What happend if customers fail to scan the barcode when picking up? How do you know if it is completed?
15:00:12 From Monica Seko : We are implementing delivery with catering staff using university vans, but has been pushed to spring.
15:00:27 From Dave Halbach : #1 tip/suggestion from each of you regarding “what I wish we knew when we started.”
15:01:26 From Lien Nguyen : thank you
15:02:44 From Anthony Steve : Have seen a lot of comments on listserv about performance issues, orders not getting routed, etc. Has that affected either of you?
15:03:18 From Norman Grizzell : thanks, Monica Seko
15:04:14 From Lacey Skalsky : are you using it for anything other than dining?
15:04:44 From Bill McGee : Great jobs ! Thanks for sharing.
15:05:15 From Jeanine Brooks : Thank you
15:05:16 From Monica Seko : Thanks all!
15:05:16 From Anthony Condo : thanks for the great presentation!
15:05:26 From Ben Anderson : cheers everyone!! nice job
15:05:31 From Norman Grizzell : thanks for the information!
15:05:33 From Kenneth Hoelscher : Thank you, all!

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