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candID conversation: August 25, 2020

candID conversation

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

How are things going as you navigate card distribution, access control, dining services, and COVID-19 precautions and testing for your incoming students? NACCU peers come together for candID, an open dialogue where you can ask questions, share successes, and bounce ideas off others facing similar challenges.

Anthony Condo, Swarthmore College

Jorrun Liston, NACCU:  Welcome everyone!  Our facilitator today is Anthony Condo from Swarthmore College.

Keesha Ceran – American University:  Thank you Rozie, that’s what we are trying to prioritize. Students in the DC Metro Area who can schedule an appointment

Jessica Bender, Palm Beach State College:  very small percentage returned or not received, we advise students to confirm their address in the SIS when we approve the photos

Keesha Ceran – American University:  We have the momentum to begin Mobile Credentialing. The case now is that students would have some form of card even if we are not technologically ready to implement a full capacity Mobile Credentialing

Jessica Bender, Palm Beach State College:  Questions are arising here for mobile credential too and I am taking advantage of that momentum too. We are just dipping our toes into door access and mobile makes sense vs. cost of plastic cards (in place of the inexpensive magstripe cards being used currently)

Ramonia Prosise, Virginia State University:  We still have an RFP on the market, and mobile credentialing is a vital part of it.  We’ll also be dipping our toes into the waters.

Ramonia Prosise, Virginia State University:  Jennifer we are also Transact, and we have the Ccure system, which is wireless and works well with Transact.

Keesha Ceran – American University:  AU is also a CCURE school, so any info y’all have would be great. It is our Card production system and it is fully invested by our Physical Security Team so the readers are likely not going anywhere

Dawn Thomas:  Great job Anthony!! good convo!

Keesha Ceran – American University:  Thank you Anthony!

Kim Pfeffer – Emory University:  Thanks All!  Be Well!

Jeanine Brooks, UA:  Thanks Anthony. 

Jessica Bender, Palm Beach State College:  Thank you Anthony

John Ogle:  Nice work Anthony!

Ramonia Prosise, Virginia State University:  Great job Anthony.

Dianna Corriero – Loyola Marymount:  Good luck to everyone.

Jorrun Liston, NACCU:  Thanks everyone!  We’ll post this on naccuTV.  Well done Anthony!

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