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Managing Student Staff

Managing Student Staff

Working with students is why most of us enjoy what we do. How do we make certain they leave us with skills they can transfer to any work environment? We’ll look into assessment, training, and management tools for a card office.

Discussion questions:

Why employ student staff and not part-time or more full-time staff?
What tools are used to assess work performance?
How do we keep our student staff engaged?

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Wendy McCrory, North Dakota State University

From Jorrun Liston :  Welcome Everyone!  We are recording this session and will post it to naccuTV this week.

From Lynn Ernsting (SPU) :  Wendy – how do you go through the process of bringing up a point of improvement with student staff initially?

From Jorrun Liston :  Does anyone else have any suggestions for Meghan?

From Jorrun Liston :  What do you do to engage your student staff?

From Alicia Todaro :  At UCMO, the have a student employee week.  We celebrate them the entire week

From Jorrun Liston :  Michelle – that’s awesome!

From Amy DeCou :  Sorry we have tried to engage them by giving them each areas of focus such as updating mail rooms for changes etc.

From Jorrun Liston :  Monica – fun Halloween decorations and competition with the bookstore.

From Lynn Ernsting (SPU) :  One area where I’m struggling post-COVID is balancing student support and engagement with professional staff work-from-home schedules. I often feel like the students don’t get much engagement with our professional staff. Any suggestions for building value for the students when they often feel somewhat alone in the office?

From Lynn Ernsting (SPU) :  Great idea, Amy – thanks!

From Kelley Townsend :               thank you!

From Monica Seko :  Thanks everyone!

From Tara Marinkovic :  Thank you!

From Meghan Rosenberg :  Thank you, Wendy!

From James Story :  Thanks Wendy!

From Holly King :             Thank you, Wendy, and Jorrun!

From Nicole Camacho :  Thank you everyone!

From Jörrun Liston :  Thank you for attending.  Special thanks to Wendy McCrory from North Dakota State University for sharing her insights and experiences in Managing Student Staff.  Go Bison!


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