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EmoryCard: Our Service Enhancement Journey

Faced with excessive wait times, long lines, inadequate infrastructure, and unsatisfactory customer service obtaining an EmoryCard was considered an undesirable yet necessary evil.

During the 2018-2019 academic year, the EmoryCard Team embarked upon a journey to research and adopt a variety of service enhancements to bring quality service to our customers.

With a focus on Customer Service, Infrastructure Development and Communications & Outreach, EmoryCard now offers a wide variety of services and enhancements that make the campus card experience so much more than a necessity.  These enhancements positioned us perfectly to pivot our service offerings during the pandemic as well as planning for our operations post-COVID.

  • What challenges (if any) has your department faced related to your reputation on campus?
  • What steps/enhancements have you taken/made to attend to that reputation?
  • What worked?  What didn’t?
  • How do you see your department positioned currently?  In the future?
Presenter: Kim Pfeffer, Emory University

Brian Wilson:  Ouch

Deborah Nightingale:  seriously!

Nathan Gray:  who gets to critique the provost?

Kim Pfeffer [she|her]:  He is no longer with Emory University . . .

Nathan Gray:  good

Kim Pfeffer [she|her]:  But that talk was in front of the entire enterprise IT group

Nathan Gray:  he was a *beep*

Kim Pfeffer [she|her]:  He is now an institutional president.

Nathan Gray:  LOL. Of COURSE he is

Deborah Nightingale:  love the donation idea…

Brian Wilson:  We were told that ID Center COULD NOT be associated with Passport. I’d love to know how that process worked.

Kim Pfeffer [she|her]:  Interesting – EmoryCard was offering a passport photo service prior to my arrival.  When I came on, we simply found a more efficient system so that we can offer both physical and electronic versions of the photo.

Milton Alexander:  How many employees/staff do you have working at one time? What are the levels?

Kim Pfeffer [she|her]:  Currently we have 4 full time employees – Director, Coordinator, Admin. Assistant and Customer Service Representative

Kim Pfeffer [she|her]:  We have also added a temporary employee for this summer to assist in production.

Deborah Nightingale:  Emory’s plan for moving to self-provisioning/mobile?

Milton Alexander:  Do they work 40 hours a week?

Kim Pfeffer [she|her]:  @ Deborah – that is not on the table at the moment.

Kim Pfeffer [she|her]:  @ Milton – yes, everyone works 40 hours per week

Brian Wilson:  The replacement payment options are understandable, but how from a budgetary stance, how did you manage your materials costs for all the free replacements?

Milton Alexander:  My next question Brian

Kim Pfeffer [she|her]:  We budgeted for the free replacement day as a service to the community.  We did have a pool of reserve funds that we could use – unfortunately, due to budgetary changes, those funds are no longer easily accessible.

Kim Pfeffer [she|her]:  And we just got our mock-up for the voice first experience . . . fingers crossed we can roll it out before the first day of classes.

Brian Wilson:  What about the more standard free replacements mentioned previously? That seemed like a normal day to day option.

Kim Pfeffer [she|her]:  Sure – much of what we do is budgeted as service to the community.  The provost in the video wanted us to provide a “Ritz Carlton” level of experience – so we were permitted to put a lot of funds towards these types of initiatives.

Brian Wilson:  Okay, so (not at all trying to speak down to the idea) it was funded as an enhancement and kept as a budget instead of a one time.

Kim Pfeffer [she|her]:  Additionally, I did an exercise to determine the “true cost” of a card and what we are currently charging covers about 2 cards, so we can cover those “freebies.”

Kim Pfeffer [she|her]:  Yes @Brian.  🙂

Brian Wilson:  Your Excel-Fu is mighty.

Kim Pfeffer [she|her]:  Evolis Kiosk is on my Christmas Wish List!

Kim Pfeffer [she|her]:  I took a template that was provided to me by a NACCU colleague on the listserv.

Kim Pfeffer [she|her]:  I can provide it to Jorrun so that she can send it out.

Deborah Nightingale:  thank you

Jen McDonald – Georgian College:  What part of your messaging to the various program areas changed? how did you customize it?

Munny Malik:  Can you link the appointment system you are using so I can look into it further

Bob Gager:  Https://

Cedric Giles:  What is your office’s approach in engaging with students and parents during Orientation? Do you do a presentation, tabling, etc.?

Brian Wilson:  We have an office of 1 FTE, multiple student employees and me as the manager/tech/etc.

Jen McDonald – Georgian College:  We have me as FT (40h), 1 Clerk (24h) and a student ambassador (12h for social media only)

Brian Wilson:  Thank you and Please!

Deborah Nightingale:  what an amazing approach you took in the face of such public adversity.

Brian Wilson:  Do you have an option or ability to “limit” the replacements? I realize that may bring your customer service into question, but it bears asking

Milton Alexander:  Thank you Brian and Jen. Very helpful on structure.

Jen McDonald – Georgian College:  We have a dedicated session during Orientation and we set up a promo booth (when in person) in front of the library for the first two weeks of the semester

Cedric Giles:  ok, thanks. That’s our struggle as well.

Jorrun Liston:  Please feel free to unmute and ask a question or share.

Brian Wilson:  So you replace free for Damaged and Name Change, but NOT lost. Okay I somehow missed that.

Jen McDonald – Georgian College:  We implemented something similar at Georgian for donating remaining funds

Brian Wilson:  Jen could you post a link to this process?

Jen McDonald – Georgian College:  I can email you the work instruction I created. It isn’t posted online

Brian Wilson:  We have a Food Bank as well so I’d love to help fund that in this way

Brian Wilson:  That would be wonderful

Deborah Nightingale:  thanks Kim…you are a rock star!

Jen McDonald – Georgian College:  Awesome job Kim!

Milton Alexander:  As always. You ROCK Kim!!

Dawn Thomas:   Great questions and sharing today. Appreciate everyone joining today.

Brian Wilson:  Thank you, Kim. This was very helpful and I hope I can pick your brain again in the future.

Dawn Thomas:   Leading with Quality Service

Kim Pfeffer [she|her]:  Always happy to answer questions and talk about our experiences here at Emory!

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