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Virtual EXPO Showcase: HID Global Touchless Credentials

NACCU Virtual EXPO Showcase
Our corporate members demo their products and services for you in this series of online events

Touchless Credentials – More Control, Less Contact

Touchless access control is critical for a safe return to campus and reduces human contact in a way that directly addresses student, parent, staff and faculty concerns. Leading-edge credential technology provides highly advanced encryption and a software-based infrastructure for secure, trusted identities on any form factor and enables touchless applications, including Mobile Access, secure printing, and cashless and contactless vending. Even more, over-the-air credentialing removes the need for person-to-person issuance or revocation of physical cards for both employees and visitors.

Join Tim Nyblom, Higher Education End User Business Manager at HID Global and Todd Seeley, Project Manager HID Global, for a presentation, demonstration and Q&A session to learn more about the functionality and benefits of HID credential technology, including current offers that universities and colleges can leverage today.

Tim Nyblom, Higher Education End User Business Manager
Todd Seeley, Project Manager

Dawn Thomas : Welcome everyone! Thanks for joining us. Please be sure to list your first and last name in the Zoom platform.
Abraham “Abe” Cereno : Pesky?
Milton Alexander : What does Card Emulation mean?
Milton Alexander : Can the SIgno reader take multiple credentials at the same time? or just one credential?
Milton Alexander : Do you have a list of lock manufacturer that can read SEOS?
Jon Hardy : We are self-op for vending. Our attempts to find a vending reader that reads SEOS have been unsuccessful.
Milton Alexander : Thank you.
Milton Alexander : That makes sense:) Ty
Sara Featherlin : Jon we’ve had issues with readers and SEOS as well. Our vending company had to turn off the NFC function of our readers in order for SEOS to swipe
Jon Hardy : That is what we had to do as well.
Jon Hardy : Thank you.
Jon Hardy : That would be great.
Sara Featherlin : I’d definitely be interested in that
Milton Alexander : Thanks Tim. That was my next question.
Kevin Halligan : Thanks Milton that is useful info
Rodney Hartung : Can the iClass SE readers support an NFC flavor that also can be used on Allegion readers
Kevin Halligan : Can A SEOS card also run a DESFire EV1 credential with our custom key or does it have to be an HID DESFire credential?
Kevin Halligan : Yes exactly… sorry I have no mic
Kevin Halligan : ok thank you!
Abraham “Abe” Cereno : Thank you…
Milton Alexander : Always a great job HID.
Mark Waters : Thanks. Will slide deck be available for download

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NACCU membership is open to all colleges, universities, secondary institutions and companies that are involved with the campus card market. Learn more and join the community at 


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