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Ontario Tech Campus Overview

Card Office Overviews:
Ontario Tech

Card office overview from Ontario Tech

John Ogle : Hi everyone, we’ll get started in just a moment.

Jen McDonald – Georgian College : If you have any questions for our presenters, feel free to drop them in the chat or raise your hand when the slide deck is finished.

Kevin Halligan (Sheridan) : how do you choose between the various card stocks (tech vs no tech) when using the ID software?

Mark McLaughlin – SFU (he/him) : if profs don’t allow phones in exam spaces, how do you verify credentials?

Darrick Chin : Curious about the Exam policy around mobile credentials as well

Mark McLaughlin – SFU (he/him) : could you elaborate on ‘cheating’ using the uCard?

Ursula Shail : Amazing work! Especially during COVID.

Grant Culham : Mark, I assumed they meant using a screenshot rather than the actual mobile credentials.

Mark McLaughlin – SFU (he/him) : which dept is responsible for rollout – registrar or ancillary

Ursula Shail : If the digital card is created and managed in TouchNet, how does it talk to all the existing systems on your campus? Are there TouchNet hardware (readers) sitting on the front end of all the other systems and integrated with all the other systems (print services, IT service desk, etc)

Kevin Halligan (Sheridan) : with the goal to phase our cards.. what about that student with a ‘dumb phone’ or no phone at all?

Martta (She/Her), U of T : What’s the feedback you’ve received from students on the digital card? I know lots of students really like the convenience of it, but some also express that the physical card is a symbolic/special memento from their time at an institution.

Mark McLaughlin – SFU (he/him) : how did you start the card procurement process- did you do an rfp,? what other card companies did you review? and why did you choose TouchNet over others?

Kevin Halligan (Sheridan) : how does the Mobile app authenticate a user into PaperCut at the Printer? Does PaperCut use a barcode reader?

Joss Colaiezzi – NorQuest College : How do the digital cards work for external online student discounts? Often students had to submit a photo. Are companies accepting digital screenshots?

Kevin Halligan (Sheridan) : what methods are in place to stop a user from reading their own barcode, then incrementing that value by 10 or 100 and generating a barcode to use someone else’s account? if nothing in place who owns this liability?

Ursula Shail : Great question Kevin!

Mark McLaughlin – SFU (he/him) : for a campus who doesn’t have a digital card – what would be the top 2 or 3 things that we should really focus on?

Brandy Dwyer – Conestoga College : Reacted to “for a campus who doe…” with 👍🏻

Mark McLaughlin – SFU (he/him) : what do you mean by ‘infrastructure”?

Kevin Halligan (Sheridan) : what does the process look like to differentiate a student from one that needs a Prox card from one that only gets a digital card when at your counter? are you getting identifiers in IDVIP?

Steven Zulkarnain : Is there a licensing fee for the digital ID

Joss Colaiezzi – NorQuest College : Thank you, this was great!

Mark McLaughlin – SFU (he/him) : thanks so much for the presentation – lots of learning

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