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Virtual EXPO Showcase: Allegion on Key Distribution

NACCU Virtual EXPO Showcase
Our corporate members demo their products and services for you in this series of online events

We Have Mobile . . . But What Have We Done to Eliminate or Minimize the Distribution of Keys?
Over the last two years, we’ve heard great things that are going on in the Campus ID field about the availability of a long-term, sustainable mobile credential solution for students, faculty and staff leveraging their iOS (Apple) or Android devices.  But what about keys?  Most students on many campuses still need keys for access to their on-campus residence.  Most faculty members still need keys for access their classroom(s) and office.

This session will present a variety of Schlage solutions from Allegion, a long-standard NACCU partner, that will help you eliminate key distribution on your campus, elevate the level of security on your campuses, all while working with the systems that you have in place.

Join Allegion and some of their campus customers in reviewing their product portfolio and how they can help your campus minimize key distribution, improve campus security and prepare you for the mobile wave.

Thanks for joining us for the Allegion Virtual Expo Showcase today!

Jacob Jablonski : Hi Jeff, is Allegion offering a unique set of encryptions keys for mobile or the standard Allegion keys?

Jacob Jablonski : Thank you!

Markus Quon : If site specific keys are selected is there a separate licensing fee for doing so?

Michael Hovestol : Thanks Jeff, you rock. I have to run. Allegion and Jeff have been fantastic partners for us here at ND. Instrumental in us switching over to Desfire

Keesha Ceran : Thanks Jeff for this presentation and sharing with us a new tool in Kahoot as well!

Dawn Thomas : NACCU institutional members… a quick reminder to complete your NACCU Benchmark Survey if you have not already done so! Thank you for your participation in this important research!

Janice Weston : Charlie Brown is going to be on PBS here in AZ

Markus Quon : Thank you

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