LEAF: Be in Control of your 21st Century Credentials

In a perfect world, your campus credential should seamlessly and securely read on your door access readers, locks, logical access readers, and, quite frankly, any product regardless of manufacturer. LEAF Identity is a consortium of like-minded manufacturers that empower campuses to select products that work seamlessly together. The University of Georgia has adopted LEAF Identity as its standard for Ev2 Smart Credential. WaveLynx and UGA will explain LEAF’s value proposition in detail and why owning your encryption keys is valuable. Learn how LEAF Smart Credentials empower choice when selecting open Campus Credential ecosystems.

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NACCU Virtual EXPO Showcase: Allegion on Key Distribution Solutions

Allegion key distribution

Over the last two years, we’ve heard great things that are going on in the Campus ID field about the availability of a long-term, sustainable mobile credential solution for students, faculty and staff leveraging their iOS (Apple) or Android devices. But what about keys? Most students on many campuses still need keys for access to their on-campus residence. Most faculty members still need keys for access their classroom(s) and office.

This session will present a variety of Schlage solutions from Allegion, a long-standard NACCU partner, that will help you eliminate key distribution on your campus, elevate the level of security on your campuses, all while working with the systems that you have in place.

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Raising the Bar – Key Management, Access Control, and Reader Technologies

How much have you spent on lost keys or access readers? How much time have you spent filing paperwork and investigating missing or damaged assets? Are your current practices leveraging the latest technologies to ensure optimal security and accountability? This discussion is an integrated twist on how colleges traditionally look at safety and security solutions for campus facilities, grounds, and assets.

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