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Back to Basics: Access Control Hardware 101 for your Campus

Back to Basics: Access Control Hardware 101 for your Campus

Wireless locks, card readers, campus ID cards, mobile credentials, panic hardware, mag locks, and electric strikes—there’s a lot to know about access control on college and university campuses. As electronics become more prevalent on your campus, it is important to understand the fundamentals. This webinar will explore the basics of access control and door hardware solutions, including discussion on student ID cards and mobile credentials. This session will be done in panel format. Join the discussion and hear from your peers to get an idea of what access control looks like on their campuses.

The panel will discuss:

  • Door hardware options for your access control openings
  • Applications and challenges for various campus openings
  • Perimeter and interior doors
  • High traffic and low traffic doors
  • Low traffic doors like student rooms, classrooms, offices, and lab spaces
  • ADA openings
  • Campus ID and mobile credential options
  • How to get on a path to mobile credentials


Jeff Koziol, Allegion, Higher Ed Specialist, host/facilitator
Don Cherry, Allegion, Electronic Solutions Engineer
Mike Henderson, University of Tennessee, VolCard Technology Supervisor – panelist
Jay Bonney, Mercer University, Assistant Director Auxiliary Services – panelist

Jörrun Liston : Welcome everyone!  We are recording this presentation and will post it on naccuTV.

Douglas Hethmon : Which wireless locksets are Mercer and UTK using on bedroom and office doors?

Nathan Dahms (St. Clair College) : How long is the battery life on the wireless locks?

Jen McDonald – Georgian College : Do turnstiles differ from doors at all when it comes to access control hardware?

Jen McDonald – Georgian College : Thank you for the information. I’m just starting to dip my toe into access control and this has been very helpful 🙂.

Angela Edge : Thank you! Great Session!

Nathan Gray : thanks folks

Diane Harrison : THANK YOU 😄

Nathan Gray : one thing to note – access control is a flood gate. once you start, you can’t stop

Jen McDonald – Georgian College : Good to know, Nathan

Kelly Venable Carroll : Thank you!

Jörrun Liston : Thanks to Jeff Koziol – Allegion, Don Cherry – Allegion, Jay Bonney – Mercer University and Mike Henderson – University of Tennessee.

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