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HID Fargo Connect in Action: Real User Insights Presented by ColorID

HID Fargo Connect in Action: Real User Insights Presented by ColorID

ColorID is excited to have you on board for an enlightening NACCU showcase session where we delve into the world of HID Fargo Connect. Discover how numerous schools are leveraging this cutting-edge technology to effortlessly print cards from within their existing or newly transitioned ID badging systems.

In this engaging webinar, we’re taking a fresh approach—no charts or bullet points in sight. Instead, we’re bringing you real insights straight from your fellow peers in the education sector. Through their experiences and stories, you’ll gain valuable perspectives on integrating HID Fargo Connect into your campus card ecosystem.

And, of course, we’ll be sharing some enticing ideas on how you can kickstart your journey with the most advanced ID card printing system available.

Get ready to join us for a session that goes beyond the ordinary. It’s all about learning, sharing, and exploring the possibilities of seamless card printing! Enjoy!

David Stallsmith, Director of Product Management
Since joining ColorID in 2005, David Stallsmith has worked work closely with manufacturers, vendors, and end users to promote understanding of the complicated products and services that comprise the identification industry. He has contributed to the decision-making process at many universities, health care facilities and government agencies as they considered acquiring contactless, smart card, mobile ID and biometric systems. Voted Presenter of the Year at the 2023 ECCA Conference in Warsaw (European Campus Card Association), David has also presented annually at the National Association of Campus Card Users conferences in the USA and Canada, NACAS annual and Leadership conferences, and full-day Identity Summits hosted by prominent universities.

Jorrun Liston : Welcome everyone! We are recording this presentation and will post it to naccuTV.

rchavis001 : Price, Ease Of Use Reliability

David O’Driscoll : Why not an Oreo ice cream sandwich?

Kim Pfeffer [she|her] : Replying to “Why not an Oreo ice …” a ChipWhich is infinitely superior.

Brandon Watkins : Is the console different than the card design console?

Ashlee Coleman- UofAlberta (she/her) : Are you able to use pre-printed cardstock with fargo connect and these printers? Or are you only able to use blank cardstock when printing? Thanks!

David O’Driscoll : Replying to “Are you able to use …” Hi Ashlee. The HFC printers are backwards compatible as well. So you can get an HFC enabled printer prior to moving over to the software.

Todd Bundy (Brock University) : I suspect that the card jams and ribbon break issues may be mitigated by Fargo Connect because I believe it will roll over stalled print jobs to the next available printer (if I am not mistaken).

David O’Driscoll : Replying to “Are you able to use …” To be clear – the Fargo Connect printers should work in your current environment and then you are future ready for when the HFC installation takes place.

Brandon Watkins : If you have already ordered printers and are preparing for the Fargo Connect integration can you still receive the promotions?

Danny Smith : Replying to “If you have already …” Please reach out to your ColorID account manager and we’ll work with you.

Rachel Lawrence – Illinois State : Is there a yearly fee for Fargo Connect?

Jennifer McNeill (UAlberta) : Thanks David!

Bankim Patel : Thank you, David and ColorID.

David O’Driscoll : Great job David! Thanks for the partnership with ColorID and for everyone taking the time to join here today.

Haunani Mees : Thank you David and Color ID

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NACCU membership is open to all colleges, universities, secondary institutions and companies that are involved with the campus card market. Learn more and join the community at 


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