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Virtual EXPO Showcase: HID Global Location Services

NACCU Virtual EXPO Showcase
Our corporate members demo their products and services for you in this series of online events

How HID Location Services Enables a Safe, Secure Campus
University campuses need to ensure student, staff and faculty safety which must be managed in the context of new regulation and reduced anxiety amid a rapidly changing environment. Now more than ever, technology is playing a  leading role in enabling safe and compliant workspaces, classrooms and facilities. Smart buildings reduce risk and lessen impact today and empower campuses to remain agile and responsive to future threats.

Join HID Global presenters Tim Nyblom, End User Business Manager Higher Education and Taylor Breihan, New Business Development Manager, for a look at how HID Location Services  enables a safer campus environment. You’ll come away with an understanding of how technology prepares colleges and universities to respond quickly, ensure the basics of safe classroom and work environment, proactively implement health protections and minimize disruptions.

Tim Nyblom, End User Business Manager Higher Education
Taylor Breihan, New Business Development Manager

John Ogle : Thanks for joining us on today’s showcase!

John Ogle : If you have questions, you can enter them here in the Chat. Be sure to address them to Everyone. Thanks!

Melinda Bakken : With budgets what they are, how do you propose we pay for this?

Melinda Bakken : Our Athletics department installed some beacons and had to deactivate them because students felt like they were being “big brother-ed”…even students that were not being traced. It was for attendance tracking.

Melinda Bakken : I miss travel too!!

Melinda Bakken : we are a public University, we can’t do that part

Melinda Bakken : I wish we could!

Melinda Bakken : We have that too!

Melinda Bakken : Thank you guys! It would be neat 🙂

Tim Nyblom, HID Global : Thanks Melinda! 🙂

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