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Virtual EXPO Showcase: Agilysys Redefines The Student Dining Experience For Campus Health & Safety

NACCU Virtual EXPO Showcase
Our corporate members demo their products and services for you in this series of online events

Redefine The Student Dining Experience For Campus Health & Safety
Agilysys offers software solutions that gives students the option to order and pay from the platform of their choice and allow operators to maintain menus, pricing, tax rules and kitchen operations out of a single integrated point-of-sale solution – Agilysys InfoGenesis POS.  2020 has been a year of significant advancements in POS at Agilysys. When the pandemic forced campuses to reimagine their operations for a contactless experience, Agilysys was ready with a suite of modern, SaaS applications that are well integrated to provide a seamless contactless experience for the student from ordering for pick up / take out and outdoor / indoor dining. Mobile, quick-service F&B ordering anywhere, on any device – phone, tablet, or laptop. Self-service kiosk POS ordering that is quick to deploy, easy to operate. Maximize table turn time with QR enabled payments with guest’s own mobile device. Deliver touchless menu experiences integrated with point-of-sale for easy and efficient menu changes. Campus Card Integration reduces the need for proprietary on-campus infrastructure while providing secure access to dining, rec halls, dorms and more.

Jamie Hodgson, Business Development Executive

Dawn Thomas, NACCU : Welcome everyone – thanks for joining us!

Fuller Ming Jr : Greetings Jamie. Is your POS integrated already into other systems like Transact, Touchnet, CBORD to accept our campus ID cards? Unfortunately I have to go before this is over, so I might miss your answer.

Fuller Ming Jr : Specifically, for meal plans, not just declining balance.

Fuller Ming Jr : Never mind, you just said it – Atrium and Transact… probably NOT CBORD, but I’m sure you are open.

Fuller Ming Jr : but they are probably not as open.

Karla Gibson – Georgia Tech : Can the Eatec product work with Transact Campus POS?

Ramonia Prosise : Have to go handle a situation…will catch NACCU TV.

Melinda Bakken : I think our students just want to go back to normal. I am not really hearing anything else. 

Richard Wynn : Thank you Jamie.

Melinda Bakken : Thank you, something to think about when we have money again!

Courtney Petrizzi : Thanks Jamie!! That was great

Maggie McCarthy : Great info!

Ramonia Prosise : Thank you Jamie.

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