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candID conversation: August 11, 2020

candID conversation

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

What’s on your mind? Do you need to bounce an idea off those who really understand your job?  Are you wondering how others are navigating a challenge you’re facing?  Or, did you just rock a challenge and want to share with others?  This is an opportunity for all of us to chat, share and support one another.

Laurie Harris, Duke University


From Dawn Thomas : Whose campuses are having F2F classes, and which are all online as Erin just spoke to?
From Jessica Bender : 80-90% online, some F2F
From Lynn Ernsting : SPU is currently planning all of the above – In-person, online-only, and hybrid courses
From Jeanine Brooks : We are a mix of online, F2F and hybrid
From Erin Chezick : Has there been any strong pushes from students / parents for a reduction in tuition due to being online?
From Lynn Ernsting : Nothing significant from our students/parents that I know of
From Kim Pfeffer : I’m sure there is but those concerns don’t flow my way
From Jessica Bender : We haven’t raised tuition in 8+ years, we also waived our parking fees during summer and fall. Our students pay a flat rate per semester (more revenue loss)
From Dawn Thomas : ON students push back against tuition and fees for fall semester International and domestic students in Ontario are “frustrated” and speaking out about issues surrounding tuition and fees this fall. The Lakehead University Student Union says it is still awaiting a response from the university regarding concerns raised in July about increases to international student tuition. Elsewhere in Ontario, CBC reports that students are still questioning the quality of online programs and whether they should be charged for services and facilities that they will not be accessing this fall. Some institutions have responded to calls from students by lowering or eliminated ancillary fees, but many maintain that the programming costs the same amount as in-person. (ON ) CBC (1) | CBC (2)
From Erin Chezick : Thanks all! We have reduced / eliminated some ancillaries but are in a tuition freeze (provincially imposed). Of course, international students have seen their tuition go up in many cases
From Erin Chezick : Yes – thanks Dawn! We are definitely hearing it
From Jorrun Liston, NACCU : Hi Diana!
From Dawn Thomas : Check this out… interesting change to monitoring exposure.
From Erin Chezick :
From Dawn Thomas : Basic question, but to be clear… if you have students on campus, masks are required, yes?
From Jessica Bender : Yes, masks required on campus.
From Erin Chezick : We have a mask policy, which is being strengthened as well
From Jeanine Brooks : Yes, masks are required.
From Lynn Ernsting : Yes – masks are required unless they are in their residence room/apartment
From Kim Pfeffer : Yes, masks are required for everyone at Emory – students, faculty and staff all have to sign a campus compact
From Dave H Wis-Whitewater : Yes, masks are required here also.
From Laurie Harris : They are required at Duke
From Dawn Thomas :
From Dawn Thomas : Here is a link to sign up for interest with OpenTable
From Dawn Thomas :
From Dawn Thomas : I don’t want to change direction now, but at some point in conversation here… Are any of your campuses talking about the spring yet?
From Kim Pfeffer : Spring? I’m wondering how far we are actually going to make it this fall based on what is going on in GA in our elementary, middle and high schools 
From Erin Chezick (Carleton U) : Nobody is willing to address it right now… but personal opinion – we will still be online
From Kim Pfeffer : ^ Same
From Jessica Bender : Decision to be made in late September/early October. Again, students want to be in person and faculty don’t
From Jessica Bender : We are told that is coming but haven’t seen it yet
From Erin Chezick (Carleton U) : A small add on – we are providing care kits to every res student and staff member. Includes sanitizer, two masks, and an “ear saver” 🙂
From Kim Pfeffer : Yes! We are doing that too.
From Jessica Bender :
From Lynn Ernsting : Are other institutions doing cross-training like that?
From Erin Chezick (Carleton U) : Qless for us!
From Jessica Bender : Working on set up for Microsoft Bookings
From Kim Pfeffer : We aren’t doing walk-in, folks request online and then they pick-up during set windows. For example, you meet deadline 1 and your card is ready for pick up on Monday between 2pm and 4pm.
From Erin Chezick (Carleton U) : Kim – any push back on people being unavailable during the window?
From Kim Pfeffer : Nope
From Kim Pfeffer : Not yet – now we don’t have folks moving in yet, so that may change.
From Kim Pfeffer : But during March to July we were only distributing 1x per week and now we are 3x per week so that’s an increase in service
From Jessica Bender : Currently only mailing and have pick up at one campus. Volume for pick up is so low we aren’t doing appointments yet. But, we anticipate pick up as we approach start of term (Aug 31) and will launch appointments one week before classes. Appointments will be available at 3 campuses.
From Erin Chezick (Carleton U) : So fun! I love it
From Lynn Ernsting : is a fun way some departments on our campus have digitally appreciated folks in their areas.
From Dawn Thomas : Thanks for sharing everyone – thanks to Laurie for facilitating.
From Jessica Bender : Thanks everyone
From Lynn Ernsting : Thank you for leading our conversation today, Laurie!
From Crystal Bazarnic : Nice to see everyone!
From Kim Pfeffer : This was great – thanks for letting my assistant pop in!
From Laurie Harris : Great to see you all!

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