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Student Perspectives Today and Tomorrow

Serving students and meeting their expectations is a critical priority for every higher ed institution. Watch this session with Nelnet Campus Commerce to hear from a panel of college students on what they expect from their campus experience during these unique times, and understand if those expectations are just temporary or permanent. Students will share how they feel supported, what is working and what is not, as well as provide insights into how they are using campus facilities and services today and tomorrow.

Participants engage with the panel to ask questions that represent what their own institution’s constituents may be wanting and needing.

Jorrun Liston : Welcome everyone! We are recording this presentation and will post it on naccuTV.
Crystal Bazarnic : Welcome, everyone! You are invited to ask questions in the chat.
Melinda Bakken : Pranav – Do you have suggestions on what can be done with regard to your concerns?
Amy Stover – Nelnet Campus Commerce : Hi Melinda, we will circle back to Pranav about rec center access suggestions.
Melinda Bakken : ok thanks!
John Reale : We (as I’m sure like others) have students who are at screen time burnout. So how do we continue to put all things on line or virtual outside of classes and have good participation?
Amy Stover – Nelnet Campus Commerce : Great question, John. We’ll raise that to the students for their ideas.
Jessica Bender : We get the feedback that students don’t read emails and they get too many – what are the best ways to share information?
Sheryl Puckett : Same feedback here Jessica.
John Reale : What are the best social media outlets that students are using these days?
Amy Stover – Nelnet Campus Commerce : Thanks, Jessica, Sheryl and John. We will bring the conversation back to communication and get their perspectives.
Neal Lujan : If any panelists have a declining balance/campus cash account, how has use of that account changed this semester? Do panelists have a physical and/or mobile ID card? In what ways have you used/relied on your ID this semester?
Melinda Bakken : Thank you Pranav!
Amy Stover – Nelnet Campus Commerce : Thanks for the questions, Neal. We’ll present them to the panel.
John Reale : This is good information on the bookstore as we are in the process of a RFP for our bookstore services.
Wendy McCrory : Understood! I miss that at work too!
Melinda Bakken : We miss that too!
Rob Einhorn : This may be the wrong group, but do you think there will be a “second year” experience/orientation program for schools that are primarily remote?
Kim Pfeffer-Emory : ^ I’ve been wondering the same, great question!
Amy Stover – Nelnet Campus Commerce : Rob/Kim – Emily and I will ask this of the panel and follow up separately if we don’t get time to respond!
Melinda Bakken : Thank you All! We really appreciate it!
Deborah Nightingale : Thank you extremely valuable information for us!
Rob Einhorn : Thank you all.
John Reale : This was very good, thanks for your input and candidness.
Louis Gornick : Thanks!!
Wendy McCrory : nice work Emily! good facilitator

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