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Balancing your Work and Personal Lives

Balancing your Work and Personal Lives

What does a manageable work and personal life balance look like? Meghan Rosenberg from Babson College led us as we watched a short TED Talk on work and home life balance and then discussed some steps we may be able to implement to achieve these balances.

Discussion questions:

  • What does the ideal balance look like in your life?
  • What are some steps you have taken or can take to set boundaries?
  • What about when things are extremely busy at work, are there any quick or easy strategies that can help to maintain a reasonable work-life balance?


Meghan Rosenberg, Babson College

  Jorrun Liston:  Welcome everyone!  We are recording this and will post on naccuTV.

  Jorrun Liston:  Please feel free to turn on your camera.

  Jorrun Liston:  What does ideal balance look like in your life?

  Jorrun Liston:  What are some steps you can take to set boundaries?

  Wendy McCrory:  great suggestions! I love these!

  Wendy McCrory:  Students expect immediate responses.

  Jorrun Liston:  Block time on your calendar for projects.  You may have to snooze it a few times.

  Jorrun Liston:  That’s a great idea Meghan!

  Jorrun Liston:  When things are really stressful, is there anything you can do to quickly refresh?

  Wendy McCrory:  I have staff take a walk around the building

  Rebecca Devine:  I have this much time-what can I accomplish; instead of I have to do all these things and not enough time-reframe to be realistic in terms of expectations

  Anna Lambert:  Order a yummy lunch for my staff! Food always makes people happy:  )

  Jorrun Liston:  I have some great playlists on Spotify.

  Wendy McCrory:  thank you for this topic!

  Audra Forsberg:  Yes I agree thank you.

  Jorrun Liston:  How do you strategize / prioritize your day, especially one where there are so many fires to put out.

  Jorrun Liston:  Redirect and delegate – great idea Audra!

  Amy Slaughter:  Spotify helps me through my day also. But I don’t have any wonderful playlists. Please share your favorites.

  Jorrun Liston:  Teach people how to help themselves!

  Anna Lambert:  Thank you for a wonderful session!

  Amy Slaughter:  We use teams messenger to communicate most of the time. – I also agree with updating outdated office habits to take the work off of yourself is helpful. — Thank you!

  Jorrun Liston:  Thanks to Meghan Rosenberg from Babson College for facilitating today.  Great discussion!


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