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TED Talk: How to Achieve your Goals

How to achieve your goals

Whether it’s professional or personal, the start of a new calendar year often serves as a great opportunity to set goals for yourself. Join us as we watch this TED Talk speaker share some ideas for what to do, and what NOT to do, in order to achieve those goals. Then we’ll discuss how we can apply those tactics to our professional and personal lives. 

Discussion Questions

  1. What kinds of professional goals have you already identified for yourself? How about your department?
  2. What kinds of behaviors might you need to shift your focus to in order to achieve those goals?
  3. How about personal goals (any New Year’s Resolution-ers out there!)? What behaviors can you focus on to achieve those personal goals?
  4. Any experiences to share about goals you have achieved by focusing on your behaviors rather than the goal itself?
  5. Are there any goals you’ve thought of that you can decide to “hear yes” to (even if explicit support hasn’t been given yet) in order to get yourself on the right track to taking actions/behaviors toward achieving the goal?


Lynn Ernsting, Seattle Pacific University

Lynn Ernsting is the Assistant Director of Falcon Card Services at Seattle Pacific University. While running a one-woman card office for her campus full-time and raising two beautiful little girls, Lynn is a self-professed “goal-oriented” individual who is learning there may be a more effective way to achieve those goals!

Jörrun Liston:  Welcome everyone!  We are recording this event and will post it to naccuTV later.

 Jörrun Liston:  Thanks to Lynn Ernsting from Seattle Pacific University for facilitating today!

Crystal Bazarnic:  HI everyone!

 Wendy McCrory:  Hi all!

 Kim Pfeffer [she|her]:  Hi All!

 Sheryl Puckett:  Hello everyone

 Bryon Buchmiller:  Hello!

 Jörrun Liston:  What kind of goals have you already identified for yourself?  Department?

 Crystal Bazarnic:  Me too, Alicia. It’s hard!

 Jörrun Liston:  What kinds of behaviors might you need to shift to remain focused?

 Deborah Nightingale:  exactly Jen!

 Sheryl Puckett:  Girl Scout Cookies!!!!!!!!!!!

 Deborah Nightingale:  where’s Kim

 Kim Pfeffer [she|her]:  I GOT YOUR COOKIES RIGHT HERE!!!

 Crystal Bazarnic:  Behavior modification: Don’t buy the Oreos so they aren’t there to grab. Always shop when you are full. (I don’t always succeed at this, but I try.)

 Kim Pfeffer [she|her]:

 Crystal Bazarnic:  HAHA, Kim. Mmmmm, Thin Mints!

 Kim Pfeffer [she|her]:  FROZEN THIN MINTS!!

 Sheryl Puckett:  Yes Crystal, Thin Mints – my favorite

 Jörrun Liston:  Agreed, don’t beat yourself up!  You are your own champion.

 Sheryl Puckett:  I have done Weight Watchers several times, when you eat that pleasure food, just start right back on track, don’t let that one pleasure food bring you down

 Deborah Nightingale:  so true Sheryl

 Deborah Nightingale:  it’s almost ironic we continue to focus on the goal

 Deborah Nightingale:  trying to focus on the behavior instead is a new approach for me

 Jörrun Liston:  I set alarm reminders and sometimes I adhere to them.  😁

 Sheryl Puckett:  Same, Jörrun

 Jörrun Liston:  Who can you partner with on campus to advance your department goals?

 Sheryl Puckett:  my supervisor is great at being our support person.  We have weekly department meetings and is always very positive in supporting and holding us accountable.

 Deborah Nightingale:  student drive is extremely valuable

 Sheryl Puckett:  We work very closely with University Housing year long and we hold each other accountable for several processes throughout the year.

 Deborah Nightingale:  just keep telling yourself it’s not a matter of if but when

 Jörrun Liston:  How can you decide to hear ‘yes’ to change your mindset to make that change happen?

 Wendy McCrory:  Great message and well facilitated! Thanks Lynn!

 Jen McDonald:  Yes, thank you!

 Sheryl Puckett:  Very good TedTalk and great conversation!  Great job, Lynn!

 Deborah Nightingale:  yes..Thank you Lynn..a unique perspective and one I will dive into more.

 Alicia Barnes:  Awesome job Lynn!!!!

 Janet Rauhe:  Thank you!

 Kim Pfeffer [she|her]:  Thanks All!!

 Crystal Bazarnic:

 Kim Pfeffer [she|her]:  👍🏻

 Jörrun Liston:  Thank you all for attending and participating.  Special thanks to Lynn Ernsting for facilitating!

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