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Humber's ONECard Journey

Humber’s ONECard Journey

Thinking of implementing a digital wallet/key/identification solution? Humber successfully implemented ONECard last fall and will be adding additional functionality this year. At this session, Ryan will detail Humber’s journey thus far as well as its future release plans. Ryan will also speak to how the team transformed the campus experience and what steps Humber is taking to drive adoption. Remember: Hope is not a strategy, and nothing big comes from thinking small.

Presenters: Ryan Burton Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning ITC Systems

Jorrun Liston: Welcome! We are recording this presentation and will post it on naccu TV.
Wendy McCrory: Howdy!
Dawn Thomas, CAE: Questions will be answered at the end of the presentation. Thank you for joining us today.
Jay Treft: Qu1: Did you find that running OneCard in parallel with plastic card impacted user adoption of OneCard? Qu2: Will you ever completely discontinue printing plastic cards?
Wendy McCrory: Its interesting its called ONECard when there is no card. How was that decision made?
Fuller Ming-Howard University: Question: I came late (sorry). #1Do you use ITC for your door access, too? and #2 What was the role of Apple and did ITC manage that for you?
Wendy McCrory: Pick your hill… good call
Fuller Ming-Howard University: Excellent! Thank you!
Jay Treft: Great presentation, thank you!
Brian English: Thanks Ryan!
Annie Martin: thank you!

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