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Virtual EXPO Showcase: Mobile for All with ColorID

Mobile for All With ColorID

ColorID will present real solutions for rolling out mobile credentials today at prices you can manage. You completed your card and reader migration, so let’s discuss how it is possible to migrate to mobile credentials similarly, using modern tools for issuing and managing the credentials as you go.

David Stallsmith, Director of Product Management

Dawn Thomas, CAE : The Virtual Expo Showcase will start shortly.
Edwine Job : Based on the presentation, we would also need to get a portal like HID to tie everything together?
Duriel Milton : How would implantation work with an already on premise data system? Including in house card printing
Christopher Bradley : So the students will need to download a separate app rather than use their apple wallet?
Kim Pfeffer [she|her] : That’s also how I’m understanding it.
Sara Munds : @Kim Pfeffer [she|her] me too!
Christopher Bradley : Apple/Atrium has always been adamant that we need 100% 1-1 migration, but I’m assuming using an app other than their wallet circumvents thoserequirements?
Christopher Bradley : 100% 1-1 as far as use cases go.
Mark Degan : @Chris – 3 options: 1) The CardExchange Stand app may be integrated into an existing campus app 2) utilize as your own app 3) our goal is to develop white-label version of stand app.
Christopher Bradley : They’ve always said any existing use case we have for the card now will also need to work with the mobile credentials
Edwine Job : If not using HID readers, what should be considered when discussing with vendors to transition to mobile credentials? high-level requirements
Mark Degan : Hey Chris, with our solution – you get to choose your transition path. You control your rollout path, we aren’t going to make any requirements.
Christopher Bradley : Ok great thank you!
Neal Lujan : To the “Hot Topic” mentioned about issuing multiple credentials — What are some of the most concerning/problematic issues NACCU schools have documented in their experience issuing multiple credentials?
Neal Lujan : Can this also be a speedy benchmark to members?
Dawn Thomas, CAE : Yes, Neal
Edwine Job : Thank you! Great presentation!!
Abe Cereno : Thank you David
Richard Tamborelli RI School of Design : Thank you! See ya soon
Neal Lujan : Thank you, David. Really good and helpful information!
Christina Mosakowski : Thank you! See you in Austin!
Duriel Milton : Thank you David!
Jorrun Liston : I often base my brackets on NACCU schools and end up in the top tier in our family pool!

As the only association that specializes in the campus identification and transaction industry serving the national and international campus card community, NACCU is dedicated to high quality educational programs, resources, services, and tools. The NACCU community offers its members networking, partnerships, leveraging technology, problem-solving, insight sharing, and professional development.

NACCU membership is open to all colleges, universities, secondary institutions and companies that are involved with the campus card market. Learn more and join the community at 


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