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Simple Strategies for Guaranteeing Tech Adoption Among Students  

Simple Strategies for Guaranteeing Tech Adoption Among Students  

As new student-facing technology is proposed, how often do you hear, “But will the students use it?” It’s a natural concern—no one wants to go through the time and expense of implementing a new solution that won’t be readily adopted by users. Even so, what bold, new technologies would your campus use if student adoption was assured? Student adoption doesn’t have to be a gamble. Join us to learn how Auburn University, Swarthmore College, and the University of North Carolina achieved early success with adoption of their mobile credential programs. 


  • Ryan Wagner, Director, Integrated Security Sales, CBORD


  • Melanie Chambless, Manager, Information Technology, Auburn University;
  • Anthony Condo, Director of Campus Services, Swarthmore College
  • Melinda Bakken, Director of Campus Card Services and Person ID, UNC Chapel Hill
Event Chat

John Ogle : Thanks for joining us today! Please enter your questions in this Chat.

Jennifer Carman : Is the adoption rate for students, faculty and staff?

Michelle Dietz : Tell me about how your Faculty and staff have adopted and what you did to get them to adopt?

Katie Heacox – ECU : Is this mobile cred instead of physical card or can students have both?

Alicia Todaro UCMO : it is great to have other departments support the effort…

Jennifer Carman : What are the reasons when people say no to Mobile and how do you handle it?

John Ealy : If your mobile credential lives within Wallet, given the extremely short read-range of NFC, how do you handle door readers (or really any readers) and folks with ADA considerations? If someone has extremely limited mobility, how do they present their phone to a wall/door reader? Any concerns here and how do you overcome this?

Anne-Marie Grayson : How do you handle individuals who’s phones will not work with the mobile. Either their phone doesn’t have NFC or there’s another issue that doesn’t allow them to setup their phone.

Jennifer Carman : How do you handle the identification of authorized folks on campus since there is not a physical card to display on clothing? (Contractors, Staff who need to go into dorms for repairs, etc.)

Amber Yuellig : Do any of your schools have a similar mobile identification for alumni. If so, is this static or an NFC credential?

Jeff Koziol : Worthwhile to note that a valid state driver’s license in the Apple Wallet is available in several states . . .

Jen McDonald – McMaster University : Have to run. Thanks for all of the great information!!!

Amy Slaughter : Thanks for sharing the information. 🙂

Jorrun Liston :

Jorrun Liston :

Maria Atkins – HID Global : Thanks all!


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