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Leading in a Hybrid Environment

Leading in a Hybrid Environment

With the change in work dynamics brought about by the pandemic the desire for employees to work a portion of their week from home has been a topic of discussion. We will discuss strategies for successfully managing a workforce that is working in this new hybrid environment.

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Brett Collins and Kelly Ward, Towson University

A member of Towson University for over 20 years, Brett Collins has spent the last 12 years as the Auxiliary Services Business Office Manager. In addition to his duties in Auxiliary Services, Brett is also an Adjunct Professor for both the Geography and Environmental Planning Department, and the Management Department, as well as co-creator of the LEAP program.

Kelly Ward has been with Towson University for 9 years, serving in various roles within Auxiliary Services Administration.  She also sits on several university committees and is heavily involved with NACAS.  Her work across all areas of Auxiliary at TU has provided her the opportunity to gain insight into employee development needs within the department and division, while her committee work has afforded her various perspectives leading to a greater understanding of university culture.  This experience has helped lay the foundation to allow her to co-create, LEAP, a successful professional development program.  Kelly is currently a member of the East Regional Board for NACAS and serves as the Business Partner Liaison.

Jorrun Liston:  Welcome Everyone!  We are recording this and will post it on naccuTV shortly.

Lynn Ernsting:  What a great reminder – to check in over the phone with voices to be heard rather than just messaging each other! Makes a big difference

Jen McDonald:  We use a lot of video calls to connect whenever possible to get that connection.

Jen McDonald:  Explanations make a huge difference to a “no”

Jen McDonald:  We’ve eliminated all paper processes and it’s made a huge difference in efficiency.

Lynn Ernsting:  I agree that authenticity is absolutely key when it comes to servant leadership

Jen McDonald:  Great idea

Jorrun Liston:

Jorrun Liston:  10 Principles of Servant Leadership

Listening / Empathy / Healing / Awareness / Persuasion / Conceptualization /Foresight / Stewardship / Commitment to staff growth / Building Community

Jen McDonald:  But also check with your employee to see what type of praise they are comfortable with

Jen McDonald:  I prefer being recognized one on one and hate recognition in front of a group.

Janet Rauhe:  Great session Brett and Kelly!  Thanks so much!

Stephenie Domenico:  Yes, thank you very much

Lynn Ernsting:  Thoughts on how we can be good recipients of servant leadership from those above us to encourage those efforts and also be good examples to those we are trying to lead?

Sheryl Puckett:  I agree Jen, great information!  Thank you, Brett & Kelly,

Jen McDonald:  I have to step into another meeting. Thank you again 🙂

Bankim Patel:  Thank you.

Christina Mosakowski:  Me too!  Thanks for the great information!

Deb Nightingale:  Thank you…great overview & suggestions!!

Diane Harrison:  thank you from NDSU!

Lynn Ernsting:  Thank you Kelly and Brett!

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