A New Era in Campus Safety: Innovating to Meet Tomorrow’s Landscape

Colleges and universities have entered a new era. As schools continue to prepare for the future – including student and staff health, safety and security – the ability to quickly pivot is mandatory. How can campuses address the range of threats that could disrupt ongoing service delivery, now and in the future? Join Tim Nyblom and Taylor Breihan for best practices in how to plan, respond and deliver.

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NACCU Exclusive Interview: The Journey to JRNY with ColorID

The Journey to JRNY with ColorID

The Journey to JRNY

In this exclusive interview, Executive Director Dawn Thomas talks to Co-Owner and Executive VP of ColorID Danny Smith regarding the launch of JRNY, a cloud and mobile app-based identity platform specifically configured to function as a comprehensive COVID-19 campus management solution today and the foundation for tomorrow’s modernized and connected campus.

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NACCU Virtual EXPO Showcase: Atrium by JSA Technologies

Virtual EXPO Showcase: Atrium by JSA Technologies

Reimagining One Card for the Mobile Generation in a Socially Distanced Environment: Watch to learn how Atrium and their partners are helping clients like you reimagine their One Card programs for the mobile GenZ generation and deal with COVID-19 through contactless and social distancing solutions, all while reducing costs and administrative burden.

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Higher Education Market Insights for NACCU Corporate Members

higher education market insights for NACCU Corporate Members

This panel discussion features several campus ID professionals providing insight on the issues currently facing their programs and campuses and how NACCU corporate members can best partner with colleges and universities over the next few years. Whether your company is a longtime NACCU member or brand new to the association, you will gain valuable information to help you set your business up for success within the higher education market.

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NACCU Virtual EXPO Showcase: CBORD

CBORD campus of the future

Virtual EXPO Showcase: CBORD
The Campus of the Future: Safe, Connected, Modern
What investments are you making to shape the future of your campus experience? How has COVID-19 affected your daily tasks and strategic plans in the near and long term? Smarter technology solutions can streamline your operations and improve your bottom line while also defining the value of the educational experience you offer.

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