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Creative Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With the Credential

Creative Things you Didn’t Know you Could Do with the Credential

It’s time to think outside the box! Join representatives from several schools as they share innovative and creative ways they used the credential to make life better on their campuses.

Sheryl Puckett from Arkansas State University shares how their credential was integrated with the time clock.

Amy Fox from Florida State University shared how their credential was used in testing and assessment center seat management.

Maggie McCarthy from the University of Montana shared how their credential made it possible to offer supply management through lockers and vending machines.

Emily Dieker with George Washington University shared how their credential was used to help with COVID projects such as free parking accounts, holds for COVID status, and to limit the population on campus.

Wendy McCrory with North Dakota State University shared how their credential was used to track attendees for in-person annual training.

Kim Pfeffer from Emory University shared how their credential was used to provide scrubs through a vending machine.

Anthony Condo from Swarthmore College shared how their credential was used for postal package pickup and certification confirmation.

Dawn Thomas : Welcome! This presentation is bring recorded.
Dawn Thomas : We will be addressing questions throughout the program. Please submit any questions in the chat.
Amy Fox : I would really like more info on this Maggie!
Maggie McCarthy : I’m happy to share what I know! Anything specific? I can share details I know or ask the right people 🙂
Amy Fox : If you have the company info, that would be really great. We have some leadership changing in our Facilities area and this could be a really neat solution for them.
Maggie McCarthy : We talked to Grainger, MSC, and Fastenal. We ended up picking Fastenal due to having a local presence, competitive pricing, and no ‘rental fee’ for each machine/locker.
Anthony Condo : Emily we used this hold feature on student cards for COVID and it worked great.
Lacey Skalsky : For post office package pickup…what if someone shows up and forgot their card.
Anthony Condo : Does anyone have their card integrated with their local Public Transit system? We are slowly working on this, but our local system is not quite ready yet.
Deb Nightingale : so great to see so many interesting & awesome presenters! …thanks for the wealth of info. 
Katie Heacox : Yes, stickers can cause all sorts of issues! We recently starting printing “Face Mask Not Required” for staff/faculty that needed a note letting everyone know they had a medical exemption so the university would NOT use stickers on our card. We’ve only issued one so far, thankfully!
Billy Angers : We do have integrated a Public Transport App on our card. Actually, it’s a tripatite trust between PT, the company that initially produce our card and us. We buy our card with this app pre-encoded and we do the rest on site. Next step is to encode this app ourself. Still some red tape to cross but we are on the way to.
Richard Tamborelli (Rhode Island School of Design) : Great to see everyone. Thank you all! Great job…
Maggie McCarthy : Thanks for putting this together Sheryl!
Janet Rauhe : Great information. Thanks to all.
Sheryl Puckett : Thank you everyone!!!

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