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What I Learned at a Women's Leadership Institute

What I Learned at a Women’s Leadership Institute

NACCU President, Melissa Neidigh from University of Montana, shares her experience participating in the Women’s Leadership Initiative on her campus.

We also discussed challenges in the workplace, in leadership, home roles, what makes women successful, and how we support others too.

14:01:07 From Jessica Bender : hi everyone.. everyone looks so serious today
14:01:44 From Kim Pfeffer – Emory : HELLO! Trying to find time to catch up on work in between COMTEC sessions
14:03:00 From Jen McDonald – Georgian College : I hear ya Kim!
14:11:24 From Kim Pfeffer – Emory : Are you sure you aren’t describing me!?!?!
14:12:12 From Jorrun Liston : 🙂
14:12:50 From Jessica Bender : as we grow up, we are told that it is RBF
14:13:02 From Kim Pfeffer – Emory : GUILTY of RBF!
14:13:18 From Jessica Bender : Really, we are introverts who are taking it all in and considering our response
14:18:57 From Kim Pfeffer – Emory : YES! Thanks for sharing – always a good reminder.
14:32:23 From Kim Pfeffer – Emory : Can the list of these books, podcasts, etc. be sent out to the attendees?
14:32:36 From Keesha Ceran : +1 @Kim, that would be great!!
14:32:54 From Lustick, Danielle E : yes, please send them to us!! 🙂
14:33:19 From Dawn Thomas : We will follow up with the book list!
14:37:44 From Jorrun Liston : Feel free to turn on your camera and unmute as needed.
14:37:58 From Jen McDonald – Georgian College : I haven’t sorry
14:38:17 From Lynn Ernsting : I wish we had a similar program but we don’t currently have anything like this
14:38:23 From Sheryl Puckett : I have not participated in one, but would be great opportunity.
14:38:54 From Keesha Ceran : Same as Sheryl, I haven’t participated in one, but love what has been presented.
14:39:11 From Kim Pfeffer – Emory :
14:39:29 From Dawn Thomas : I think the lack of these programs speaks volumes.
14:39:44 From Jen McDonald – Georgian College : Our society has proscribed gender roles that they’ve lived with their entire lives and it’s hard to change your mindset
14:40:57 From Kim Pfeffer – Emory : I agree with Jen – some older folks don’t always understand the dynamic of a working mom and stay-at-home-dad. Another issue is calling women girls in the workplace. And Imposter Syndrome is REAL
14:41:17 From Kim Pfeffer – Emory : What is the “balance” you speak of – LOL!
14:42:01 From Jen McDonald – Georgian College : For an eye opening book on the millions of ways that gender impacts our daily lives, I recommend reading “Questioning Gender” by Robyn Ryle
14:44:56 From abarnes : Saying no: I’m going to decline the suggestion. My plate is full with other things that need my immediate attention
14:46:37 From Kim Pfeffer – Emory :
14:47:00 From Dawn Thomas : The mental workload
14:47:12 From Kim Pfeffer – Emory :
14:47:22 From Maggie McCarthy : Yes. The mental load is real!
14:48:47 From Jen McDonald – Georgian College : Georgian Reg Office is 73 people and only about 5 of them are men so my experience is very different
14:49:28 From Jen McDonald – Georgian College :
14:49:30 From Keesha Ceran : +1 I do that too @Lynn | My bathroom is filled with Stickies
14:50:22 From Kim Pfeffer – Emory :
14:51:48 From Jen McDonald – Georgian College : My manager used to be afraid to compliment me because I would tear up every time she did.
14:51:57 From Jen McDonald – Georgian College : It’s an embarrassing reaction that I can’t help
14:52:08 From Jorrun Liston : That’s powerful Jen.
14:53:08 From Kim Pfeffer – Emory : CHOCOLATE
14:53:11 From Jen McDonald – Georgian College : lol
14:53:20 From Keesha Ceran : Exercise
14:54:57 From Jen McDonald – Georgian College : THANK YOU !
14:55:11 From Janet Rauhe : Thanks you Melissa. Great information and discussion.
14:55:28 From Sheryl Puckett : Thanks, Melissa. Great information!!!
14:55:29 From Keesha Ceran : Thank you Melissa and thank you NACCU!
14:55:29 From Kelley Townsend : Thanks Melissa!
14:55:39 From Kim Pfeffer – Emory : I LOVED THIS – THANK YOU!
14:55:41 From Keesha Ceran : This was a really great conversation… And just a good place to rest
14:55:45 From Haunani Mees : Thank you Melissa. Loved this.
14:55:51 From Sam Etienne : Thank you Melissa. Loved this
14:55:52 From abarnes : Thank you!
14:55:52 From Laurie Harris : Thank you Melissa!
14:56:02 From Lynn Ernsting : Thank you so much Melissa! SO HELPFUL!
14:56:12 From Nicole Kerns : Thank you!
14:56:22 From Jody Pietz : Thank you!

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