Unlocking Innovation: Mobile Access Evolution on Campus

Join HID for an update on the evolving landscape of mobile credentials on the higher education campus. We’ll explore why mobile credentials are continuing to be a top trend in the higher ed space. 

Our session will also recap the 2024 NACCU HID session, “The Voices that Matter – Students Speak on Mobile Credentials”. The input from students on mobile access technology gives a unique perspective to security and facility managers from the actual users on the ground.  

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The Road to Becoming a High Performing Card Office

The NACCU Standards and Guidelines (SAGs) program provides a roadmap toward becoming a High Performing Card Office based on our industry’s professional standards. The SAGs self-evaluation program results can be used to guide strategic plans, highlight opportunities and strengths, and identify weaknesses and areas that need development. The SAGs evaluation tool provides for a consistent process which can be replicated to ensure that the assessment cycle continue.

Join the SAGs faculty to learn more about the Standards and Guidelines program, how SAGs can help your program, and how you can get started.

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NACCU Interview with Wavelynx: Importance of interoperability and transitioning to mobile credentials

Dawn Thomas, NACCU CEO, interviews Robert Lydic, President at Wavelynx. In this interview, they discuss how the Wavelynx ecosystem offers customers choice in partners and technology, how mobile access utilizing NFC Wallet technology can make a huge difference in the lives of students, how NFC Wallet is different from Bluetooth, and the steps to rapid adoption of NFC Wallet on your campus.

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NACCU Interview with TouchNet’s Heather Richmond

Dawn Thomas, NACCU CEO, interviews Heather Richmond, Vice President of Marketing with TouchNet, as they discuss TouchNet’s 2023 Student Financial Experience Report. TouchNet has been conducting this study since 2020, and has been able to observe the shift in student expectations regarding technology through 2023. Watch now, and learn about the trends and insights that have been uncovered through this study.

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NACCU – From Access to Assistance Evolving Student ID Cards for Mental Health.mp4

Discover how the University of Minnesota’s U Card Office successfully transformed traditional student ID cards into a tool for well-being. In this webinar, we’ll delve into our journey, including why it matters, design elements, resource integration, and implementation strategies. Join us to learn how you can enhance student well-being and your institution’s brand image through a more compassionate and supportive campus card approach.

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