NACCU Interview with Allegion

John Ogle, NACCU Membership Engagement Manager, interviews Jeff Koziol, Higher Education Security Specialist with Allegion in this interview, as they discuss Allegion’s role in the mobile credential initiative, the benefits and considerations involved in moving to mobile, what the “100% use case” requirement means, and how technology and usage are accelerating as more campuses launch mobile credentials.

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Effective Leadership through Biology

Studies show that when certain chemicals are released through the body’s natural biological processes, an employee’s positive attitude toward work, productivity, and efficiency increase. We will explore what leadership behaviors trigger these chemicals and what behaviors release chemicals that actually work against the ultimate survival of the organization.

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Virtual EXPO Showcase: Increasing Revenues, Retention, and More with your Mobile Credential with Payd

In this session, you’ll learn how Payd has made your credential to do so much more! Payd is dedicated to improving the student experience on campuses across the globe – from bolstering school revenues to increasing student retention. Explore how built-in technologies will make your students’ lives easier with tools such as a self-serve onboarding system that is KYC approved, an advanced loyalty program that goes well beyond the meal plan, and our FinTech platform that will help students pay for their schooling while they’re in school.

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NACCU Interview with CBORD

John Ogle, NACCU Membership Experience and Education Director, interviews Jon Lawrence, Vice-President, Product Strategy with CBORD. They discuss the factors influencing the shift of the mobile credential from a benefit to a necessity, the future of a seamless connected campus, and how biometrics fit into the picture.

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Looking Up to the Cloud

With many older software systems nearing end of life, we’ve reached an inflection point: should we keep certain applications hosted and maintained in house, or has the time come to look up to the cloud?
In this webinar, we will explore key functions that are increasingly moving to the cloud in higher education, and we will demonstrate some of the latest cloud-based solutions available to help.

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NACCU Interview with University of Wisconsin – Whitewater

John Ogle, NACCU Member Experience and Education Director, interviews Dave Halbach, Assistant Director, University Center with University of Wisconsin – Whitewater, as they discuss changes in roles and responsibilities, and a variety of projects tackled over the summer of 2022, including migration of the card transaction system to Transact’s cloud, upgrading the ID card software, printers, and cash registers, and planning for implementation of mobile ordering.

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TED Talk: Negotiating for Yourself

Asking for a raise or compensation in the workplace can be awkward and uncomfortable but if you are well prepared the process will be more bearable and you may be pleasantly surprised by the outcome!

Preparing both your mindset and your research prior to your conversation is key!   Having a strategy in place will help you to prepare for a successful and fluent negotiation.  

This Ted Talk will share some very helpful tips that will teach you to better prepare your negotiating skills and properly demonstrate your contribution, and value to the company. 

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NACCU Interview with HID


John Ogle, NACCU Membership Experience and Education Director, interviews Tim Nyblom, Director – End User Business Development, Higher Education with HID. They discuss a new HID team member that NACCU members may know, what’s been happening at HID, what trends have emerged as Tim and the HID team have been meeting others at in-person events, and an exciting announcement from HID regarding the upcoming NACCU 2023 Annual Conference in Austin!

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