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The Power of Unattended Distributed Card Offices

The Power of Unattended Distributed Card Offices

The era of crowded, overworked card offices should be nearing an end. There is no longer a need for handling cards for each and every student, faculty member, staff, or visitor. There is a more efficient and practical way which will improve your efficiency, minimize health risks, and improve security. 

Discussion Questions:

Has the pandemic changed your definition of the Card Office?  Should it?
How can providing distributed instant issuance free up your office to do more high-value tasks.
How would 24-hour card printing capability impact cardholder experience?

Presenter: Jeremy Jones, Channel Account Manager, Evolis

Jeremy has over 20 years’ experience helping people understand new technology, process information and become more effective. His passion is discovering innovative paths to more positive experiences for customers.

Jörrun Liston: Welcome everyone!  We are recording this presentation and will post on naccuTV.

Todd Bundy (Brock University): Are the kiosks compatible with existing OneCard systems (i.e TouchNet, Transact, CBORD, etc.)?

Jean-Marie: Can you mention some of the institutions in the United States that have adopted the kiosk solution?

Fran Craig: Is the Kiosk certified PCI Compliant (Validates that a merchant accepting credit card payment is operating under data security standards set out by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council.

Abe Cereno: Are your kiosks rated for outdoor setup?

Abe Cereno: Thank you.

Scott Murray: Thank you, everyone!

Meghan Rosenberg: Thanks everyone!

Jean-Marie: thank you

Jörrun Liston:  Thanks to our presenter Jeremy Jones from Evolis!

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