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Been Audited Lately? We Have!

Been Audited Lately? We Have!

Watch a discussion on The University of Alabama Action Card’s recent financial and IT audit experience. What were the areas of focus? Discussions will include the scope of the audit which included electronic record-keeping for vendor contract terms, daily financial reconciliations and segregation of duties, compliance with institutional standards, designed IT controls, system access and application controls, plus more.

You will learn:

  • Useful information as a card program builds their financial and IT services and operations
  • Potential target/focus areas for controls
  • The scope of the audit
  • Where electronic record keeping is important

Download slides PDF – Opens in new window

What conference attendees had to say:

Excellent! Great information and made the idea of an audit less scary!

Jeanine is such a warm and helpful presenter. Her willingness to share her processes is invaluable.
I definitely learned why detailed record-keeping is important. With the insight you provided I feel like, with proper planning now, I too could be ready for an audit.
Jeanine is so knowledgeable and thorough. Her presentation was very helpful and left me feeling much more prepared for the chance of an audit. I even thought, “maybe we need to audit ourselves!!”

Presenter: Jeanine Brooks, The University of Alabama

Jorrun Liston:  Welcome everyone!  We are recording this presentation and will post it on naccuTV.

Jorrun Liston:  As Jeanine said, an enterprise level system is the goal!

Jen McDonald – Georgian College:  I can’t wait to get these slides. What great information!

Jorrun Liston:  That’s SAGs training right there – labeling and numbering documents so others can find them.

Sarah Persinger:  100% agree!!

Jen McDonald – Georgian College:  Financial reconciliation would certainly be interesting given I’m a one person office 😆.

Meghan Rosenberg:  Yes thank you this is amazing!

Wendy McCrory:  orientation here today. Need to run away. Thanks Jeanine! Always great

Kierra Cali:  Such good advice!!!

Pam Newton, UWF:  Great information!  Thank you for sharing!

Shannon Zapf:  Thank you, Jeanine and NACCU!

John Ogle:  Great job, Jeanine!

Meghan Rosenberg:  this was great thanks everyone!

Crystal B:  I can go poke Wyatt in bed, and you can hear a whiny teenager.

Lauri MacLeod:  Such great info. Thank you so much!

Jen McDonald – Georgian College:  THANK YOU!

Sarah Persinger:  Thanks!  All Good information

Lb Hettinger:  Thank you!!!

Laurie Harris:  Thank you Jeanine

Jorrun Liston:  Thanks to Jeanine Brooks from The University of Alabama for sharing her experience and processes for IT and financial audits of the campus card / credential program.  Roll Tide!

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