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New Student Orientation

What will orientation look like on your campus this year?  Still online?  In-person?  Hybrid?  Learn how these campuses are offering orientations and the role the campus card program is playing in welcoming new students to campus.  You’ll likely pick up some ideas or have some of your own to share with the group.

Each school will share a what’s happening on their campus and then we’ll open up for a discussion among everyone.  We hope you are able to join us.


Rosie Ashley, University of Houston
Erin Chezick, Carleton University
Jen McDonald, Georgian College
Kim Pfeffer, Emory University
Sheryl Puckett, Arkansas State University
Kelley Townsend, University of Arkansas

Jorrun Liston:  Welcome everyone!  We are recording this session and will post it on naccuTV.

Sheryl Puckett:  Good morning everyone!!!

Kim Pfeffer [she|her]:  Hello All!

Karen Caboy:  Has any school gone to mandatory online photo submission? Or is it online and taking photos in the Card Office still an option?

Kim Pfeffer [she|her]:  We wouldn’t advertise it as “mandatory” but we have strongly suggested it.  We haven’t taken photos in-office since March 2020

Christina Mosakowski:  UNLV goes back 8 AM – 5 PM starting July 6th open for students to get their picture taken and receive their card.

Karen Caboy:  Thanks everyone! Some great ideas and talking points!

Lisa Caddell:  With online photo submission have many schools adjusted their requirements for the backgrounds.

Erin Chezick (she/her):

Karen Caboy:  OMG…YES!!!

Karen Caboy:  Why are they taking pictures when they are driving!!!

Lisa Caddell:  I have let go of the background as long as the face is clear.

Rachel Lawrence:  Our photo submission page with samples and rules

Jen McDonald – Georgian College:

Jen McDonald – Georgian College:  Hello, B. It appears that you submitted your ONEcard photo instead of a piece of government issued photo ID. Please resubmit your government ID and address through the form at this link. Acceptable pieces of photo ID include a Canadian Driver’s Licence, a Canadian Health Card, an Ontario Photo ID card, or a passport from any country. Be sure to include the entire piece of ID and not just the photo on the ID, and ensure the filename you submit uses only numbers or English letters (no special characters, like apostrophes, or characters from other alphabets).

Karen Caboy:  We use the language of “Submit your Government issued photo ID including your birthdate and expiration date”

Lisa Caddell:  Thanks Everyone that is helpful.

Rachel Lawrence:  First is free

Rachel Lawrence:  we do get funding from housing/dining/student affairs to help cover the cost of the first card for students

Lisa Caddell:  First is free, replacement is $15

Karen Caboy:  visual verification

Lisa Caddell:  Same for Dalhousie, visual verification of the person to the photo on the card at pick up

Lauri MacLeod (Waterloo):  Thanks everyone!

Kim Pfeffer [she|her]:  Thank you for the great discussion!

Karen Caboy:  Thanks!!

Maggie McCarthy:  Thanks everyone! Great conversation!

Jen McDonald – Georgian College:  Thanks everyone

Christina Mosakowski:  Thanks everyone!

Sheryl Puckett:  Thank you again everyone!!!  Have a great day!!!!!

Lisa Caddell:  Thanks Everyone! Have a successful start for the year!

Jorrun Liston:  Thanks to our facilitators and everyone who participated.  Great discussion!  Best of luck for a smooth startup.

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