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LEAF:  Be in Control of Your 21st Century Credentials 

LEAF:  Be in Control of Your 21st Century Credentials 

In a perfect world, your campus credential should seamlessly and securely read on your door access readers, locks, logical access readers, and, quite frankly, any product regardless of manufacturer.  LEAF Identity is a consortium of like-minded manufacturers that empower campuses to select products that work seamlessly together.  The University of Georgia has adopted LEAF Identity as its standard for Ev2 Smart Credential. WaveLynx and UGA will explain LEAF’s value proposition in detail and why owning your encryption keys is valuable.  Learn how LEAF Smart Credentials empower choice when selecting open Campus Credential ecosystems.

William McGee, University of Georgia
Michael Wharton, University of Georgia
Jacob Jablonski, Wavelynx Technologies

Jorrun Liston:  Welcome everyone!  We are recording this presentation and will post the link on naccuTV.

Jorrun Liston:  If you have questions, please type them in the chat.

Richard Wynn:  Does LEAF support other card technologies such as SEOS\ iClass?

Dave Brown:  how does a school go about reserving and registering a keyset?

Brandon Arcement:  Leaf is based on DESFire EV2.  Is NXP sole source of this technology?  Does every reader/credential have to be licensed by NXP?

Leland Smith:  Would you distinguish LEAF from other chip technologies like MIFARE DESFIRE EV1 with Encryption Read Keys and PACSA1 on Applications.  Why is LEAF superior.

Erin Chezick:  Am I understanding right that it’s a way of organizing the files / info on the chip which is the MIFARE tech?

Dave Brown:  How do we encode an EV2 credential onto a card… or are we just reading the pre-encoded credential off of a card at the printer (example using an HID Omnikey module)?  What hardware / software is used to manage cards and also to create apps?

Dave Brown:  thanks!

Erin Chezick:  What is the timeline from key reservation to ability to provision card stock/devices?

Markus Quon:  Can you share on some of the challenges you had with mutli tech cards during the transition?

Leland Smith:  Unfortunately you did not start with a direct LEAF definition and how it relates to NXP products like EV1 EV2 EV3.  Apparently we will have to get that elsewhere.

Markus Quon:  @Leland, from what I understand the NXP product is just the card tech.  LEAF is the format used on the card.

Rico Portalatin:  Will this presentation be available on the NACCU website for future reference? Thanks

Jorrun Liston:  yes, we are recording this and will post it on naccuTV at

Portalatin:  Excellent thanks!

Richard Wynn:  Thank you Jacob, Michael and Bill.

Richard Tamborelli (Rhode Island School of Design):  Great job all, very informative.  Thank you!!

Markus Quon:  Thank you for sharing.

Maxime Laroche:  Great presentation

Richard Tamborelli (Rhode Island School of Design):  YAY NACCU Team!!!

Dave Brown:  “merrys” and “happys” to everyone.  Thanks!

Maxime Laroche:  we will certainly check Leaf instead of our custom pacsa

Erin Chezick:  Thanks all!

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