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Taking the Mystery out of Instant ID

Brought to you by the NACCU Technology Research Committee

Are you looking to upgrade from ID Works to Instant ID? Have you purchased it but are still waiting to implement? Or have you already gone through the transition at your school? If so, please join us for this webinar as the experts from Entrust will walk through what you can do with Instant ID and how to get the most of your deployment. They’ll cover what the differences are between ID Works and Instant ID, what to expect with Instant ID, including key tips & tricks with the migration, and the resources available to you in the card office.  

Facilitator: Monica Seko, DeSales University 

Presenters: Brett Gens, Jagdish Rebello, and Martin Hoff from Entrust


Instant ID Developer’s Guide (PDF)

ID Works to Instant ID Migration Guide (PDF)

Instant ID Administrator’s Guide (PDF)

Jorrun Liston: Welcome everyone!  We are recording this session and will post to naccuTV. Please rename yourself with your first and last name.  Hover over your square, click on the … in the upper right corner, select rename and type your full name.  Thank you!

Dawn Thomas, CAE:

Debra Bechtold: We have Atrium and Banner – is this going to be an issue?

Curtis Gamble: Do our existing card designs transfer over to Instant ID?

Jay Treft:  We are planning to implement Instant ID hosted by our partner Transact. Is there any issues with IID hosted, instead of on Prem?

Ward Wenstrup: Is there a compatible list for supported cameras?

Abe Cereno: We are currently using TrueCredential. Do you have incentive or promotion for us to switch over to Instant ID?

Curtis Gamble: Does Instant ID use pull from pool

Jorge Martinez: Would text microprinting features within the design cause any issues?

Jay Treft: OK Thank you!

Abe Cereno: At no cost to us, we can work with our campus card provided (CBORD) to upgrade from TrueCredential to InstanstID? Just want to confirm.

Deborah Nightingale: yes…we use pull from pool here at LU

John Ealy: You keep referencing “implementing through our partners.” We use ID Works as a stand-alone software package and we don’t operate through CBORD/Atrium/Transact, etc. Would we be able to run Instant ID as a stand-alone product?

Josh Bodnar: The biggest issue I see pop up for us is the DSLR plugin. We see some instability with the plugin that causes the supported DSLR camera to not always behave / work as expected. Is the DSLR plugin something that is being actively worked on / improved.

Jorge Martinez: Thank you.  I have to drop off early but I look forward to receiving the video recording.

Abe Cereno: Yeeppee!

Laurie Lentz: We have been using IDWorks 6.5 with event handlers.  What support do you have available for customers who need the same event handler type functionality in Instant ID?

Leland Smith: Please explain again:  Why do you have 2 brands TruCredential and Instant ID with 2 version trails.

Curtis Gamble: we typically print 500+ card at the beginning of the year. Is this going to be a problem if Instant ID is slower.

Rick Anglin: Does the smart card process include encoding and reading?

Bob Dorado: I disagree with the statement on the performance.  We went from IDWorks to InstantID on the same machines and it is definitely slower.

Karla Gibson: Is it feasible to implement InstantID with the DataCard SD460 printer and move to a Sigma printer later?

Melinda Bakken: I use the 460 now and have instant ID

Karla Gibson – Ga Tech: Thank you!

Karen Caboy: I use a SD460 and the install did not work and we hd to order Sigma D3

April Lattanzi: What about Zebra printers

Curtis Gamble: what is the expected down time

Deborah Nightingale: we use several SD460 successfully

Melinda Bakken: That’s all I have.  I am CBORD GOLD if that makes a difference

Abe Cereno: ID works use USB dongle, can you quickly described how Instant ID?

Karen Caboy: i was told it had to do with smart card encoding

Melinda Bakken: I have SEOs cards

Anthony Watson FSU: Can this be done on smart card and multiple card formats?

Karen Caboy: Cbord school

Melinda Bakken: sorry, that was to say I use smartcards and SD460s

Rico Portalatin: With IID v8.4 do we still have to add the extra required fields like T2Data, ExtCardData, DACardData, etc…when migrating a design to workflow or creating a workflow from scratch????

Josh Bodnar: That’s a Transact plugin thing. . .

Anthony Watson FSU: Converting from Id works to Instant ID with SD 460

Deborah Nightingale: yes

Deborah Nightingale: we do here at LU

Deborah Nightingale: Thanks Monica!!!!

Abe Cereno: Thank you Entrust and NACCU

Josh Bodnar: Yes – Thanks, Monica for coordinating this!

Todd Marquis: Thanks everyone. This was helpful.

Josh Bodnar: And thanks to Brett and Jag as well!

Anthony Watson FSU: Thank You

Deborah Nightingale: Thanks Entrust

Jay Treft: Thank you Monica, Brett, Jag, and Dawn!

Amber Denny (she/her/hers) Hamilton College: Thank you Monica and Dawn

Melinda Bakken: thank you!

Jagdish Rebello: Thanks all for your time and for your continued interest in Instant ID.

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