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Reshaping the Campus Credential with Mobile

Reshaping the Campus Credential with Mobile

The campus credential is fundamentally engrained into the foundation of any campus. From physical cards to mobile ID’s, a student’s way of life relies on this credential to open doors, pay for meals, check out a book, use the gym and so much more. 

Watch to learn about the latest HID Global updates around the mobile conversation. How does mobile transform your campus? How does a mobile credential enhance the overall student experience? How does mobile provide greater operational efficiency? What mobile considerations should your campus be thinking about? Where is this mobile market heading? What comes next?

Presenter: Tim Nyblom

Dawn Thomas, CAE:The webinar will begin shortly. Thanks for joining us today.
Richard Tamborelli : 1999
Cedric Giles : 2004
Steve Hoover : 1996
Bankim Patel : 1998
Krista Martin : 1997
Jeanette Jamieson : 2001
Stephanie : 1996
Kristi Baker : 1999
Ben Lennander : 2003
Danielle Canfield : 1995
Carrie Plaxco (she/her) : 1195
Fuller Ming-Howard University : 1994
Jorrun Liston : Welcome everyone! We are recording this presentation and will post to naccuTV.
Douglas Hethmon : 1990
Ashely DiMasso : 2000
John Ogle : Feel free to ask your questions to Tim through this chat box.
Stephanie Kernozicky : NFC, BLE, UWB
Bankim Patel : nfc ble uwb
Fuller Ming-Howard University : ble, nfc, and UWB
Steve Hoover : Bluetooth, NFC uwb
Nicole Fikes : What was the correct year of you College ID?
Stuart Glimstead : Thank you Tim, very informative.
Bankim Patel : how does our onecard provider comes into picture in this?
Fuller Ming-Howard University : QUESTION: About NFC and BLE…. is it “both-and” because different systems use different technologies?
From Jorrun Liston : You don’t have to be Canadian to attend. Everyone please come – it’s a great group and a rich program.
Bankim Patel : thanks Tim.
Fuller Ming-Howard University : For example… Door Access would be BLE but meal plans in POS would use NFC?
Richard Tamborelli : Great presentation, very informative. Thank you!
Fuller Ming-Howard University : ok – thanks! Thanks Time, Thanks John!
Andrew Lacson : Thanks Tim! Thanks John!
Ashely DiMasso : Thanks!

As the only association that specializes in the campus identification and transaction industry serving the national and international campus card community, NACCU is dedicated to high quality educational programs, resources, services, and tools. The NACCU community offers its members networking, partnerships, leveraging technology, problem-solving, insight sharing, and professional development.

NACCU membership is open to all colleges, universities, secondary institutions and companies that are involved with the campus card market. Learn more and join the community at 


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