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Integrated Security Solutions Built for HIgher Education

The physical security of a  campus is often top of mind for card and credential professionals. Access points and privileges must be tracked and controlled to ensure the safety of your campus and surrounding community. CBORD integrated security solutions were built specifically for higher education by professionals working in and around college and university campuses. We partner with top security providers from around the globe to bring you a comprehensive, integrated solution that meets your unique needs. Watch our webinar to learn how CBORD can upgrade your campus security with card and mobile access, video surveillance, contactless locks and biometric readers, best-of-breed hardware, and more. Hear from seasoned security specialists, Ryan Wagner and Terry McPherren, as they share how CBORD solutions can create a safer, connected campus.


Ryan Wagner, CBORD

Terry McPherren, CBORD

Jorrun Liston:  Welcome Everyone!  We are recording this presentation and will post it to naccuTV.

 Jen McDonald:  What advice would you give for a card office that is trying to break into access control? Our security department currently handles it and uses a separate card.

 Lynn Ernsting:  Is it possible to utilize mobile credentials without CBORD’s CS Access solution (keeping our current access solution)?

 Scott Rosario:  When enabling provisioning for mobile credentials; does student need to actually open the wallet or app, or can they simply put the phone up to the reader?

 Jorrun Liston:  If you have a question, please feel free to unmute and ask it, or type in the chat.  Thanks!

 Jen McDonald:  Thanks 🙂

 Jen McDonald:  Do you only support NFC, or do you also support BLE credentials?

 Jen McDonald:  Thank you

 Lynn Ernsting:  Is it possible that shifting to a mobile credential could improve some security risks (cards aren’t returned, not reported lost, deactivated) but could cause more security risk with access control glitches or technological issues?

 Chantal Flament:  When we change the readers to go mobile, do we have to switch from Wiegand to OSDP?

 Cheryl Michaels:  Do you have any real world examples of the impact on power outages on access to rooms? How long do the readers have back up power?

 Lynn Ernsting:  Can the institution globally require dual authentication or is it only a setting that patrons can turn on/off themselves?

 Jen McDonald:  I have to run to another meeting. Thank you for the great information.

 Katelyn Miller (CBORD):  Thanks Jen!

 Cheryl Michaels:  So, let’s say a device with a double AA backup fails, the batteries are replaced – am I correct in that the back up cache would be wiped and would required the data to be downloaded again?

 Cheryl Michaels:  Great, thank you

 Richard Wynn:  Thank you Ryan and Katelyn.

 Lynn Ernsting:  Thank you, both!

 Melinda Bakken:  thank you!

 Sheryl Puckett:  Thank you Ryan and Katelyn.  Great information

 Katelyn Miller (CBORD):  Thanks all for your great questions!

 Jorrun Liston:  Thanks to everyone for attending and to CBORD for this great presentation.  You can visit with them at NACCU 2022 in St. Louis next month.

 Sheri Pape:  We can’t wait!!!


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